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ADOBE / Dungeons & Dragons: Summon the Terror of Undermountain Contest

CALL FOR ENTRY: Adobe and Dungeons & Dragons have announced a new "Summon the Terror of Undermountain" contest offering entrants the chance to create the latest Dungeons & Dragons monster: "The Terror of Undermountain", and the possibility of becoming part of the cult franchise forever.

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Adobe and Dungeons & Dragons have announced a new "Summon the Terror of Undermountain" Contest, in which fans use Photoshop to design their very own D&D monster. The new monster ties into D&D's upcoming Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage adventure, which comes out in November.

Entrants can submit Photoshop creations for a chance to win the cash prize and the opportunity to sit side-by-side with Wizards of the Coast creatives at the D&D studios to concept future dragons and beasts together. The selected depiction of 'The Terror of Undermountain' will be canonized as an unpainted, collectible miniature to terrorize role players everywhere.
Are you brave enough to bring forth the latest Dungeons & Dragons monster: The Terror of Undermountain? Harness the powers of Photoshop and your own imagination for a chance to have your work featured as an official Dungeons & Dragons monster, as an unpainted collectible miniature.

The Terror of Undermountain is described as the illegitimate offspring of a hell beast and Halaster Blackcloak, the titular Mad Mage of the adventure. "Born from a regretted communion of the Mad Mage and a dreaded hellbeast whose name none dare pronounce," a description provided to reads. "Halaster’s greatest mistake stalks her father’s halls, proudly wearing the scars endured from centuries of banishment and the magical deformities she wrought upon herself to survive." "Torturing and killing those who dare venture beyond Undermountain’s measured paths," the description continues. "She seeks to gain her father's approval—one which he bitterly withheld—by becoming worthy of the name, THE TERROR OF UNDERMOUNTAIN!"

When designing their monster, contestants are encouraged to think about the creature's purpose and abilities. Why was the monster created? What is its strengths and weaknesses? What sort of personality does it possess? These questions and others will help the Terror of Undermountain come to life, both in contestant's imagination and in Photoshop.

Fans will be able to download a took kit containing various monster parts from the contest's website and can then follow a step-by-step tutorial on how to assemble the monster using Adobe's Photoshop CC program. Use as many of these body parts as you like to boost your creativity and enhance your monster-creating skills.

Submission requirements:

You may only submit one monster. Please only upload your very best version and keep your fingers crossed!
Using any Adobe Photoshop software, create your own original Dungeons & Dragons monster (“Monster”). Any product in the Adobe Creative Cloud may also be used to enhance your Monster.
The person submitting the Entry must be the creator of the Monster and will be deemed the “Entrant.”
In addition to the project files, you can use any element that is within the public domain, that is wholly original and not a copy or imitation of any other material.
Entry must be in either .jpg or .png format, with a maximum file size of 5MB.
Entry may not have been submitted previously in a contest of any kind or previously exhibited or displayed publicly (i.e., disclosed beyond your immediate circle of friends, and family) through any means.
Entry must not violate or infringe any third-party copyright, trademark, trade dress, or other proprietary right of any entity or person (living or deceased), including but not limited to rights of privacy, publicity or portrayal in a false light.
You must use Photoshop CC or a version of Adobe Photoshop to be eligible. If you do not own Adobe Photoshop software, you can request a free 30-day trial version on the officila website. Files using Photoshop plug-ins may also be eligible as long as Photoshop is used as the primary tool.

If you are determined to be a potential winner, we'll ask for your .psd file.

All work will be judged by a panel of esteemed Photoshop and Dungeons & Dragons veterans who will decide whose entry is most worthy of the title, Terror of Undermountain and will determine 1 Grand Prize winner and up to 10 Honorable Mention winners, based on the following judging criteria: Originality & Creativity of Monster (40%); Use of Adobe Photoshop (35%); and Overall Appeal of Entry (25%). In the event of a tie, tied Entries will be rejudged based solely on Originality & Creativity of Monster (100%).

The Grand Prize winner (and the Honorable Mention winners) will be announced on Adobe Photoshop’s official Facebook and Twitter channels and on

There are no entry fees to participate!

• Eligibility •

Anyone is welcome to download the monster assets and create a monster, but due to legal restrictions and local requirements, only following participants are eligible to win: only to legal residents of the 50 United States & Washington, D.C., Australia, Canada (excluding Quebec), France, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom (“eligibility area”), who are of the age of majority in their jurisdiction of primary residence as of date of entry.

• Prize •

The Grand Prize winner will receive $5,000 USD, have their monster manufactured into an unpainted collectible figurine, get the chance of having their monster featured as an official Dungeons & Dragons monster, and will travel to Wizards of the Coast headquarters in Washington State in the U.S. to shadow the creators of Dungeons & Dragons.

The 10 Honorable Mention Prizes will recive one year subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud.

Furthermore, if your Entry is deemed to be the Grand Prize winner or an Honorable Mention, it will be posted and distributed in various media and any such posting/distribution will be deemed made at the direction of the Entrant within the meaning of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act and the Communications Decency Act.

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