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The Call for Entries titled International Poster Triennial Toyama 2018 is now open!

International Poster Triennial Toyama 2018

CALL FOR ENTRIES - The Museum of Modern Art in Toyama, Japan has announced the 12th edition of its International triennial and Poster Competition for 2018 intended to provide a review of the current state of international poster design.


The Museum of Modern Art in Toyama, Japan recently has announced 2018 International Poster Triennial and Poster Competition in its 12th edition. This exhibition of posters chosen from throughout the world is intended to provide a review of the current state of international poster design.

There are two main categories:

Printed and published posters (published on or after May 1, 2015)
Original self-produced and unpublished posters

Entries should be no smaller than 36.4 cm × 51.5 cm (14.3 inches×20.3 inches) and no larger than 180.0 cm ×120.0 cm (70.9 inches×47.3 inches).

The U30 Category is a newly-established category that accepts digital submissions from applicants age 30 or under (born in or after 1988). In addition to encouraging the next generation to take an interest in the world of poster design, this category is also intended to give students and pre-professionals the opportunity to participate in the IPT contest. Applicants submitting works to the U30 Category may also submit works to Category A/B

U30 Category posters must be submitted as digital files. Digital submissions should be saved on a CD-R (or DVD-R), which should be sent by post along with the applicant’s entry form and comp of each file (one A4-size comp for each entry).
Digital file format should be saved in 200~300dpi JPG (CMYKcolor mode), (printed image dimensions: 103.0 x 72.8 cm) Compressed JPEG data should be saved at the highest image resolution (low compression rate) setting.

No more than 3 entries per artist or group in each of the categories is alowed. A single set of up to 3 posters may be submitted as a single work. All entries must be the work of the entrant.

All submissions must be received at the following address (adress you can find on the official website) on or before May 10, 2018.

The first screening, conducted by the National Jury, will select posters to be displayed in the exhibition. The second screening, conducted by the International Jury, will determine the prize-winning works in each category. The first screening will be conducted on printed posters for Category A/B, and on digital images for the U30 Category. Submissions selected for exhibition will be printed and exhibited by the Toyama Prefectural Museum of Art and Design.

The museum will directly contact applicants whose submissions have been selected for exhibition or awarded a prize. The results of the National Jury screening will be announced in early June 2018, and prize recipients will be announced in early August 2018.
There is no entry fee for this competition.

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

This competition is open to anyone worldwide. No special qualifications are required for Category A/B applicants, and there are no age restrictions. U30 Category applicants must be age 30 or under(born in or after 1988).


The following prizes will be awarded:

Grand-Prix (1): 1,000,000 YEN (approx. 9,500 USD)
Gold Prize (2): 500,000 YEN (approx. 4,750 USD)
Silver Prize (3): 300,000 YEN (approx. 2,850 USD)
Bronze Prize (8): 100,000 YEN (approx. 950 USD)

U30 Gold Prize (1): 200,000 YEN
U30 Silver Prize (3): 50,000 YEN

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