Supernovae 2018 - Call for submissions - POSTER COMPETITION

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The Call for Entries titled Supernovae 2018 - Call for submissions is now open!

Supernovae 2018 - Call for submissions

CALL FOR ENTRIES - The 10th international Poster Competition titled Supernovae 2018 has been recently organised by PDP Creative Media Conference and invites designers, graphic artist illustrators and anyone in between and beyond, to participate.


The PDP Creative Media Conference is proud to announce Poster Competition titled Supernovae 2018 inviting all artists, illustrators, designers to participate.

The topic for this year’s conference “Incident” is a celebration of PDP’s longevity and endurance.

Through this topic they are exploring various criteria and catalysts of success and they raise a couple of key questions: “Does success in the domains of creative work in Serbia have to purely incidental and not in the hands of an individual (or group) and could we perhaps change that and challenge the status quo?”, “What are the success stories that we can share with our peers and what can they learn and apply to their own projects?” Through incident as a topic they want to show that success doesn’t come quickly nor easy and that an attempt to reach it is as valuable as the process that leads to it. Through a fun and mildly dissonant approach, PDP will orient it’s activities in order to show young people that there is still more than enough space to create and develop a new, creative local scene.

Submission requirements:

Each participant may submit a maximum of 3 artworks.

Artworks will be printed on the Riso printer. The paper size should be A3 (420 x 297mm); paper characteristics – white, uncoated. It is necessary to include a 15mm safe space along all four sides of the artwork. Artworks will not be trimmed so your artwork must be within the given margins.

The color scheme is limited to the following colors:
- Orange (Riso color name: Orange; hexadecimal code: #FF6C2F)
- Black (Riso color name: Black; hexadecimal code: #000000)
It is not allowed to use any other color.

Please send a full color PDF file of your artwork but keep in mind when preparing a document with multiple color layers to separate each layer by color and then save each layer as a separate PDF document.

Important to take in consideration is a following:

Due to the restrictions of the printing technology, application of gradients is not possible (e.g. a color made up of 20% black and 70% orange). It is, however, possible to print overlapping colors and thus achieve a desired tone, such as making an orange object with a 40% opacity and a black object with 20% opacity and placing them one over the other, resulting in the desired tone at the overlapping regions.

The Riso printer cannot print 100% ink density across 100% of the paper. Too much ink coverage can cause paper to stick to the stencil/drum, and also cause extra splashes, needle marks and smudges on prints. For large areas of ink reduce the color opacity to 75% or less.

As each color is printed one layer at a time, registration will never be 100% accurate. Therefore, when designing your artwork, ensure there is room to allow for 2-3mm shifting. Extend color under line work for neater results, use trapping to avoid white spaces, and avoid small details that rely on registration to be 100%.

Entries to the competition are anonymously judged by a jury panel of established design industry professionals. Selected works will be printed by organizer and exhibited the the 10th PDP Creative Media Conference (one of the last remaining and long standing design and mixed media conferences in Serbia) scheduled for 11th-14th October, 2018 in the Eđšeg Hall in Novi Sad, Serbia. Authors will get the Certificate of participation at the Exhibition and the winners will be awarded with official award – PDP Cube.

There is no entry fees to participate in this competition!

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

The Supernovae 2018 Call for submissions is open for all interested artists, designers, and anyone in between and beyond, be they professionals or amateurs. The organizing team is especially looking forward to the participation of young people and students.


The following prizes will be awarded:

1st prize
- Diploma for the 1st place in contest for the best artwork design
- PDP Cube
- PDP Gold Package
- Honorary place in the committee for the artwork exhibition in 2019.

2nd prize
- Diploma for the 2nd place in contest for the best artwork design
- PDP Silver Package

3rd prize
- Diploma for the 3rd place in contest for the best artwork design
- PDP Bronze Package

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