Manga Contest organised by magazine Otaku Next titled Nepali Manga Competition has been recently started for submission for 2016.

Otaku Next first started off as a magazine for Otakus. They tried to create a magazine for all the people in Nepal with various articles on Anime, Manga, Cosplay, Jpop and Japanese cuisine and culture.
Through the Magazine they also tried to promote local mangaka by helping them create their own manga and publishing them.

Otaku Next is part of Next Entertainment and today they has successfully published Nepal's first manga! They help artists/mangaka create, edit and publish manga in Nepal.

As Otaku Next they also hold events focused on Anime, manga, cosplay and gaming. Their Biggest event is the Otaku Next Comic & Cosplay Event with attendees of over 2500 people.

To get a chance to have your Manga published you need to make an original Nepal based Manga.

All Manga entries of a certain standard/quality will be published online.

Published Manga artists will get royalty from sales.

Below there is a some criteria that you need to take in consideration:

- The manga has to be based in Nepal with Nepali characters. - Minimum 20 Pages for one chapter including the cover page - The story has to have a continuation. It cannot be a one-shot. - Along with the first chapter please submit a brief written story of the next two chapters. - The story has to last at least one volume (6-7 chapters) for it to be published. - The story can be of any genre. - The story cannot have mature/R rated content and offensive language. - The manga can be hand drawn or digital - If the manga is hand drawn it has to be inked to be a final product. - Digital manga submissions need to be proved that it is their original work.

Who can enter?

This competition is open for all manga artist.


1. CASH PRIZE of Rs. 8000
2. Luffy and Chopper Figurine
3. Magic Print Tshirt
4. Hobby Kick Gunpla

Published Manga artists will get royalty from sales.

Official website

For all further informations about the Otaku Next – Nepali Manga Competition 2016 visit the following official website:


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