Madrid Gráfica 2017 Poster Exhibition - POSTER EXHIBITION

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The Call for Entries titled Madrid Gráfica 2017 Poster Exhibition is now open!

Madrid Gráfica 2017 Poster Exhibition

CALL FOR ENTRIES - DIMAD and Madrid City Council, supported by the Business Forum for Madrid, invite all graphic designers to take part in the 1st poster contest titled Madrid Gráfica 2017 with the motto "The Light City", created to raise awareness for issues that concern society, more specifically – urban mobility.


The content of this 1st open call will move around the concept of "Light City". This should be both the content and motto to be included - in the chosen language - in all the posters by the author or authors.

The chosen motto “La Ciudad Ligera / The Light City”, must appear on the poster in the language chosen by the participant. The content of this motto can be interpreted from a personal, social, political or critical point of view or any other the author deems appropriate.

The biggest challenge in the 21st century is to find new urban models that change the logic which has generated some of the worst problems in cities. Mobility has become one of the most important of those problems.
The negative impact of excessive car use is, above all, a symptom of our own incompetence. Although we cannot eliminate all cars at one blow, we can urgently start setting up alternative mobility systems pointing in the direction of what we are calling The Light City: reducing the number of the most polluting vehicles, increasing the use of bicycles, renting vehicles, carpooling, and the permanent improvement of public transport, among other measures.
When we talk about The Light City we also talk about Circular Economy: Recycle, Repair, Reuse and Recover.

Applying ideas of urban acupuncture instead of “invasive surgery”: urban vegetable patches, measures against visual pollution, making cities friendlier places to live in and easier to use.
However, these changes cannot be imposed. To this end, to change the model of the city, a change in citizens´ mentality is necessary. Essential to materialize the transformation of cities, until they become the cities we need.

Files must be submitted in 2 versions, both in vertical format, with the following features:

High resolution:

Size: 120 x 161 cm
You should apply your poster to the template that you can download below, resulting in a total size of 120 x 176 cm.
Maximum file weight: 15MB
Colour CMYK
Resolution: 300 dpi
Text must be traced

Low resolution:

Size: 1536 x 2048 px
Maximum file weight: 800KB
Colour RGB
Resolution: 72 dpi

Each participant may submit 1 poster ony.

The goal of the Contest is twofold:

The first, to show graphics and its practitioners’ capacities to deal with issues that concern society and to do so in an appealing way.
The second objective is to visually spread the Motto and the content of the call, in this case The Light City, and to successfully get the posters to transmit concepts relating to better urban mobility expressed openly and freely by the author or authors, following the definition included under the terms of this call.

The Jury will select the poster which, in their view, best represents to objective of the Exhibition Light City 2017.

There is no entry fee for this competition!

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

This contest calls all graphic designers to take part.


All received posters will be exhibited at the Central de Diseño de Matadero Madrid and 100, selected by an international jury will be exhibited in the streets of Madrid in September / October 2017. One poster of the 100 preselected, will be announced as the winning design and will receive additional recognition.

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