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The Call for Entries titled Second International Competition Ex-Libris Officine Incisorie 2018 is now open!

Second International Competition Ex-Libris Officine Incisorie 2018 is calling for applications! Below you can find all details about this print competition:

Second International Competition Ex-Libris Officine Incisorie 2018

The Cultural Association Officine Incisorie organizes for the year 2018 an International Competition of Ex-Libris inspired by the world of fairy tales.


The 2nd edition of International Competition of Ex Libris has been recently organised by Cultural Association Officine Incisorie.

This edition of competition is inspired by the world of fairy tales.

The theme of the fairy tale is a come back to our childhood, to the stories of the mother to accompany us to sleep, to those of the grandmother in front of the fireplace in the memory of times that are gone. How much life and how many dreams listening those stories and even more in that fantasy that remained in us at the end of the histories.

The fable born as a tradition handed down orally, then collected in finely illustrated books to stimulate the imagination of small readers.

The mission of the fairy tale is among a magical healing powers and a real educational significance.
It does not always have an explicit morality as in the case of fairy tales *, but it leads the reader to take a path of analysis, growth and selfaffirmation.

Officine Incisorie, with the second edition of the competition, wants to enhance this oral tradition through the hand of the engravers. The intention is to find a common thread that binds people everywhere through popular tales. Each artist will then be called to represent a fairy tale of his choice. In addition to the technical and executive aspects, the jury will also evaluate the commitment in the research of the fairy tale.


Each artist must represent a fairy tale of popular tradition of his choice. It is appreciated the commitment to the research of fairy tales not known to the general public and that are testimony of the culture of their land.

Each artist can submit up to 3 works. For each participant must be sent by 5 specimens.

The works must be endorsed on the back:
• year of execution
• technique used
• artist’s name and address
• Fairy tale of inspiration

In addition all the inscriptions must be written in a European language (not Cyrillic, Japanese, Arabic, Chinese).

They allowed the following techniques:
• etching , aquatint, dry-point, black manner, soft varnish ,burin
• woodcut and linoleograpy
• lithography

Experimental engraving techniques are allowed, as long as the presence of direct original engraving interventions is predominant. Works using monotypical techniques are not allowed.

Submission requirements:

The maximum size of the Ex-Libris must not exceed the dimension 14x14 cm (5.51 x 5.51 in). The paper size must not exceed 21x29,7 cm (8.26 x 11.69in(A4).

In the work, it must appear the words:"Ex-Libris Officine Incisorie 2018" and the title of the fairy tale.

The jury will identify the 10 ex-libris finalists, who will be awarded with a limited edition calcographic print produced for the event and the exhibition catalog. The winner will win a personal exhibition of Engraving by Officine Incisorie on a date and place to be defined.

The jury will evaluate the works according to the following criteria:

• Choice of the fairy tale (in relation to the search for stories related to popular tradition)
• Respect of written references (Art. 5)
• Technical quality and respect for techniques
• Artistic originality

The cost of participation in this competition is 10 Euro.

Who can enter?

This international competition is open to all Italian and foreign artists.


The 1st place winner will win a personal exhibition organized by Officine Incisorie. Both the 10 finalists and the winner will receive the exhibition catalog.

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