Porada International Design Award 2019 - Product design competition

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Porada International Design Award 2019

Porada International Design Award 2019, Design Contest sponsored by PORADA ARREDI Srl and POLI.design has been recently opened for entries to identify new innovative concepts on different types of cupboard or sideboard, in which the use of solid wood is prevalent.


Porada International Design Award 2019, the 8th edition of the international product design competition sponsored by PORADA ARREDI Srl and POLI.design, under the patronage of ADI, the Association for Industrial Design this year is focused on different types of cupboard or sideboard.

The challenge is to identify new innovative concepts on different types of cupboard or sideboard, in which the use of solid wood is prevalent (although not necessarily exclusive) and which conveys the values and the identity of the Porada brand.


The wood, whether in natural-finish (preferably in finishes mainly used by the company), or lacquered, can be combined with metal, glass, leather, hide leather or fabric. The submitted designs shall be original and unpublished, they must enhance the use of production technologies, woodworking processes and typical finishing of the solid wood and they must respond to the principle of functionality. They must comply with the existing safety standards in force, also respecting ergonomic, environmental and sustainable design requirements.

The competition is open to:

• Professionals category: Italian and/or foreign designers working independently or employed by companies (if duly authorized by their company).
• Students category: Italian and/or foreign students enrolled in Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees and recent graduates.

For both categories, group entries are also permitted.

Submission requirements:

The documents must be delivered in digital format.

Each participant (or group) must submit:

1. a brief report (max 3OOO characters) outlining the motivations, the general concept, design features of the project and a description of the materials required. The pdf file of the report is to be presented in portrait orientation on ISO-A4 paper (21 x 29.7 cm) and must be named ‘relazione_codice’. The header needs to exclusively contain the alphanumeric code of the category and any name/title of the project;

2. technical drawings consisting of three boards in landscape orientation on ISO-A3 (42 x 29.7 cm), in pdf format, composed on a layout of the board, which can be downloaded from the websites www.porada.it, www.polidesign.net and http://www.porada-design-award.polidesi-gn.net.

The boards will contain:
• Board 1: an overview, reference scenarios and modes of use, mood board, general concept of the object in the context of use and sources of inspiration;
• Board 2: technical drawings: plans, elevations, sections, axonometric projections, exploded views, design drawings listed in the appropriate scale and specifics of the details and material choices, which are considered important;
• Board 3: representation of the object, rendering, photos of the model. The presentation boards should be combined into a single pdf file named ‘tavole_codice’ (maximum file size 5 Mb).

3. a preview image of the project, summarizing the salient features (which may correspond to the render or another image deemed impor-tant) and it will be the first image viewed by the judges to identify the project, in jpg format (maximum file size 1 Mb).

Evaluation criteria:

The selection and evaluation of the designs will take account their originality, the degree of innovation and research of new design solutions related to the typical woodworking processing of solid wood. Experimentation related to materials and surface finishes, the ability to define and anticipate scenarios of use and innovative concepts of use of wooden furniture and contemporary furnishing accessories with specific regards to typological, technological and morphological determinations.

The jury will choose 3 winners for each of the two categories (Students and Professionals) in the competition, who will receive their awards at a dedicated event.

The outcome of the jury's evaluation will be announced to the winners within the deadlines set and communicated via email.

There is no entry fee to partecipate!

It's free to enter!


Porada International Design Award 2019 is open to designers and creative people (individuals or groups), professionals or non-professionals, corporate employees and students.


The total prize money of € 1O,OOO will be allocated as follows:

1st prize € 3,OOO
2nd prize € 2,OOO
3rd prize € 1,OOO

1st prize € 2,OOO
2nd prize € 1,OOO
3rd prize € 8OO

Porada reserves the right to produce prototypes of the winning projects and to possibly put them into production.


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