RIVA 1920 - 7th Design Award “Light up your idea” - Product design competition

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RIVA 1920 - 7th Design Award “Light up your idea”

RIVA 1920 - 7th Design Award “Light up your idea” is now open for entries!

Call for Entries: Riva Industria Mobili S.p.A., in collaboration with ELECTROLUX “AEG” and famouse company COSENTINO this year promote the 7th Design Award “Light up your idea”, product design competition this time aimed to design the KITCHEN.

About ⇣

Riva Industria Mobili S.p.A., a company selling its own solid wood furniture Collection under the registered trademark of RIVA 1920, ELECTROLUX “AEG”, a company manufacturing high-end home appliances, COSENTINO, a company manufacturing and distributing high value innovative surfaces, promote the 7th Design Award “Light up your idea” for the design of a KITCHEN.

The projects having a simple and easy feasibility study, high aesthetic impact combined with design, functionality and eco-sustainability, which best pursue the distinctive style of the Riva1920 Collection, will be favoured.

Guidelines for materials:

• solid wood or plywood_Riva1920 - wood essences: walnut/oak
• kitchen appliances_AEG - You must use at least 3 among the kitchen appliances indicated, and two of them have to be: Oven BSK892230M and the Induction Hob IAE84853FB

• Dekton kitchen worktop_Cosentino

There will be two classes of participants:

Classe 1 (JUNIOR): Under 26 (26° anno di età non ancora compiuto in data 27/02/2020)
Classe 2 (SENIOR): Over 26 (26° anno di età già compiuto in data 27/02/2020)

Submission requirements:

• 1 sheet - “Preview of the project” strictly in jpg format (not exceeding 1MB, 3000x2000 pixel, 72dpi). This will be the first sheet analysed by the jury and can correspond to the render or to any other image representing the project you want to show as a preview (general concept of the project).

• 1 sheet - “Render” A3 format strictly in PDF format (not exceeding 4 MB).

• 1 sheet - “Technical Drawing” A3 format, strictly in PDF format (not more than 4 MB) In this section you must enter plans, sections prospects, measures andmaterials used The sheet must contain the project name and the class ofparticipation. • 1 sheet under “Description of the project” A4 format, strictly in PDF format, with a short description of the project.

All sheets must contain the project name and the class of participation.

The design may be accompanied by a small model to be sent by post.

Each participant, as an individual or member of a group may submit 1 single project.

The project submitted must be original and unpublished.

As in the previous editions, it will be decided whether to organize an event on the occasion of the Salone del Mobile 2020 (Furniture Exhibition in Milan), during which there will be the announcement and the award ceremony to winners. The competition results will be published on the offcial website www.riva1920.it in the days immediately following the award ceremony.

There is no entry fee to participate!

It's free to enter!

Eligibility ⇣

Participation is open to architecture/design graduates only. Is allowed to participate as an individual or in a group.

Prize ⇣

In total 6 entries will be selected, 3 in each class.

If the product should be considered suitable to be marketed, a royalty contract with the architect/designer (contractual conditions to be defined) could be stipulated.

As for the edition of the year 2019, special prizes could be set up.

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