MA/IN 2019 – MAtera INtermedia festival - Sound competition

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This Ma/in 2019 – matera intermedia festival now is over!

MA/IN 2019 – MAtera INtermedia festival

CALL FOR ENTRY: The artistic collective LOXOSconcept, with the support of the Matera – Basilicata 2019 Foundation, promotes the fourth edition of MA/IN [MAtera INtermedia festival].

• About •

The 4th edition of MA/IN 2019 – MAtera INtermedia festival has been recently announced for applications, organised by artistic collective LOXOSconcept, with the support of Matera-Basilicata 2019 Foundation, KEYHOLE cultural association, BLUE CAT BLUES association, Spaziomusica association, the Arsenale Ensemble.

The MA/IN festival is aimed at the production and promotion of sonic and digital arts at an international level.

Categories are:

1) acousmatic - fixed media music. Multi-channel compositions are accepted.

2) Mixed Media - for instruments and electronics (fixed or live). It is possible submit works written for any kind of instrument and combination except “acoustic keyboards”(piano, harpsichord, celesta, organs).

3) AudioVisual - works with pre-prepared video and music. The video part can be of any kind. It must be single-screen, A full HD projector is available.

4) LivePerformance/SoundArt - works that include electronics and other elements (for instance, a piece with a new interface, laptop, performer and interactive live video, real-time coding, laptop improvisation etc). Sound Installation are allowed (this category covers audio-visual installations, pre-recorded or generated in real-time, interactive or not).

NOTE: If your work does not fit into any of above categories, please choose a category anyway.

It is possible to submit one or moreworks also in different categories. The submitted work may have been performed in concert.

Works submitted in the previous edition and not selected are eligible.

All works need to be submitted only through the online application form on the website Artists submitting works should create and submit STEREO MP3-formatted audio files (also for multi-channel works) or video files (via an online accessible permanentlink) of their works.

Technical specifications for performance and scores should be submitted as well, in PDF form. Installation proposals must include a spatial/physical diagram. If any additional equipment is required, proposals should specify what can be provided by the artist/composer and what the festival is expected to provide.

All entries will be evaluated in the arrival order and according to the criteria below.

Evalutation criteria:

• aesthetics,
• originality,
• innovation,
• technology,
• quality of the presentation.

The selection panel will consists of professional and renowned composers/artists. Four Awards of Distinctions and four Honorable mentions, one per each category will be announced. Selected artists will also be supported with small travel grants.

The MA/IN 2019 will take place in MATERA (European Capital of Culture 2019)from 19th to 22nd of September 2019 , at the amazing Casa Cava Auditorium.

Entry Fees:

The entry fee is €25 per each submission.

• Eligibility •

All authors and performers of any age and nationality can submit works.

• Prize •

The selection panel consists of professional and renowned composers/artists; it will assign:

4 AWARDS of DISTINCTIONS (one per category)= Max/MSP prize
4 HONORABLE Mentions (one per category)= GRM tools prize

4 Max/MSP 8 | full licenses (granted by Cycling ’74)
1 GRM tools “Spectral Transform” (granted by INA GRM)
1 GRM tools “Classic” (granted by INA GRM)
1 GRM tools “Evolution” (granted by INA GRM)
1 GRM tools “Spaces” (granted by INA GRM)

Furthermore, The MA/IN organization will:

Make available a fund “travel grants” of 2000€ in total in order to support selected artists (firts of all winners and honourable mentions ones)
Will make available other prizes/gifts (music software) for the winners
provide AudioVisual Recording for all live performances.
publish the MA/IN 2019 digital booklet
realize a MA/IN 2019 digital mixtape (for acousmatic music)
provide professional musicians and technical support.

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Organizer: MAtera INtermedia
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