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The Call for Entries titled Photo Stories Contest 2019 - CINE-BOOKS is now open!

Photo Stories Contest 2019 - CINE-BOOKS

CALL FOR ENTRIES - CINE-BOOKS, the best visual story telling platform, recently has announced new Photo Stories Contest inviting everyone worldwide to participate with they best Photo Story.


CINE-BOOKS,the best visual story telling platform and the company that has ambitions to change the world of storytelling entertainment and book publishing industries invites photographers and filmmakers, professional and amateur, to join the Photo Stories Contest!

Our Photo Stories is a photo-comics format with a dynamic plot, charismatic characters, and an unpredictable outcome. The plot is built according to the rules of dramaturgy: the setup – the opposition – the climax – the resolution. The best-suited genres for stories are focused on the young adult (YA) audience. Your story must be unpredictable and out of the ordinary.
The CINE-BOOKS Platform is going to hold 4 photo contests in 2019 - January 1 — March 31, April 1 — June 30, July 1 — September 30, October 1 — December 31.

To participate in this competition you need to send your Photo Story trought the officila website. It will be published on the Contest Channel and on your Personal Channel!

Attention: The winner of the Grand Prize will be chosen from Photo Stories submitted to Premium Cine-Stories channel on the condition of exclusive publishing! All the Photo Stories from the Premium Cine-Stories channel should be published exclusively and should be removed from other sources! On other sources, only fragments selected as screenshots and covers can be published with a link for the full version on

All the Photo Stories from Free Cine-Stories channel are distributed for free and do not need exclusive publishing. Photo Stories which will not be included to public channels will be available on the personal channels of the contestants. Those Photo Stories can be distributed both pay-per-view and for free.

The subjects of the works are not limited. The number of entries from one participant is not limited. Each work can be entered in the contest only once.
The work can be done at any time, regardless of whether it has previously been published. If your story was previously published within other sources but you agree to include it to the Premium Cine-Stories, after the end of the contest you should delete it from other sources!
The work can be taken with any camera or device provided the technical characteristics of the images meet the requirements.

Photo Story

- This is a series of photos which represents a plot – the next generation’s comics!
- There is one slideshow mode.
- The required length should be more than 10 frames! The recommended length of a photo story is 30-70 frames.
- The plot is built according to the rules of dramaturgy: the setup – the opposition – the conflict – the climax – the resolution.
- The plot of a story can be disclosed through a visual series without textual explanations. Adding text (subtitles) is allowed only in English, and in the form of short dialogues or remarks. The text can be added in the Cine-Books editor.

- Proportions: 16:9
- Orientation: landscape
- Size: at least 2000px on the short side
- Color profile: sRGB
- File format: JPG

Cinematic Story

- This is a short film at a lower cost spent on production and postproduction which is made of photos that may also contain video files.
- This is a story in two modes: slideshow and video.
- The viewer can choose one of the modes, that is why photo and video versions should be completed and correlate to each other. The requirements for the plot of a Cinematic Story are the same as for a Photo Story.
- All video effects can be used within the video file.
- The video should contain a soundtrack or voiceover.

- Proportions: 16:9
- Orientation: landscape
- Size: more than HD 1920х1080
- Sound: stereo
- File format: MP4

How to creat a photo story?

The main thing that distinguishes a Photo Story from a simple photo shoot is the plot. The plot is a sequence of events, interactions of the heroes, in which their characters are shown, and therefore revealing the idea of the story.

Starts with the character. In this definition, there is already a hint about how to make up a story, and this starts with the character! Find an image that inspires you and take a shot at your fantasy — in what situations and under what circumstances can it be shown the most expressively?

Additionally, in order for the story to be interesting, organizer need subtext and conflict. The subtext is the hidden motives, desires, or the overall goal of the character: something directing him/her and explaining his/her actions. And the conflict consists of the external or internal factors that prevent the hero from achieving his or her goal. These factors can be either opponents, anti-heroes, or the personality traits of your hero (i.e., insecurity, fear, etc.). The personality traits of your hero will be shown the best only during a confrontation with the anti-hero or internal barriers!

General criteria for selecting the jury:

Originality and consistency of the plot
Directing skills and acting
Artistic qualities of the visual series: composition, work with light, color, etc.
Post-production quality
Quality soundtrack (for the Cinematic Story)

The winner of the Grand Prize and the winners of the nominations for Best Photography, Best Plot, Best Direction will be chosen by the competent Jury. The winner in the nomination of Users’ Choice will be chosen according to the largest number of votes.

The winners will be announced on April 15. After the end of the contest, all the Photo Stories selected by the moderator will be included on the public channels Premium Cine-Stories and Free Cine-Stories.

There is no entry fee to participate!

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

The age of the participants is not limited.


The following prizes will be awarded:

Grand Prize – $1000 - The best work according to the Jury’s choice.
Best Photography – $500 - Artistic and imaginative visual embodiment.
Best Plot – $500 - An original, consistent plot built according to the rules of dramaturgy.
Best Direction – $500 - Professional staging and representation of acting within static frames.
Users’ Choice – $500 - The best work according to the users voting.

All the works selected by the moderators, with the consent of the authors, will be added after the contest for a paid Premium Channel. Additionally, their authors will get passive income from the views of channel subscribers.

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For all further informations about the Photo Stories Contest 2019 - CINE-BOOKS or to submit your works visit the following official website:

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