Joseph Binder Award 2024

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Joseph Binder Award 2024

Joseph Binder Award 2024 is now open for entries!

Joseph Binder Award 2024: Joseph Binder Award 2024: Show Your Color, competition for graphic design organised by designaustria is now open for entry inviting all designers and illustrators around the world, including students, to participate with their best works.

Short description

designaustria presents the Joseph Binder Award 2024: Show Your Color competition, inviting designers worldwide to showcase their best works in graphic design and illustration.

The Joseph Binder Award is an international competition held every two years, with a focus on graphic design and illustration was launched for the first time in 1996 by designaustria, the interest organization and knowledge centre for design in Austria. It is named after one of the most outstanding graphic designers and illustrators active in Austria , who subsequently also revolutionized visual communication in the United States. Participation is open to all projects in the fields of graphic design and illustration published or realized in 2020 and after.

Joseph Binder believed that the work of a graphic designer always has an impact on society, the economy, and the reception of the product itself. Graphic design adds value and can develop a distinctive voice. This year’s theme “Show your Color” refers to this philosophy by encouraging designers to show the tonality, and the origin of the individual design language in their work. The typography-based and reduced design concept of the Joseph Binder Award 2024 highlights the importance of typeface in Binder’s work. It plays with format, form, rhythm and volume to create awareness and space for a colorful international illustration and graphic design scene. Entries for 2022 are accepted in 3 main categories:

1) Graphic Design

Corporate Design
Communication Design
Information Design
Type Design
Poster Design
Editorial Design
Packaging Design
Screen Design

2) Illustration

Book Illustration
Media Illustration
Commercial Illustration
Illustration in Miscellaneous Applications

3) Design Fiction (Spacial Categoy) - Unpublished works, independent/non-commercial projects, unrealised concepts, student projects, etc. in all disciplines

Works to be entered in several categories must be registered separately for each category. The number of entries is not limited.

In March 2025, the award ceremony will be held together with the Joseph Binder Symposium and the exhibition opening.

Note! The submission phase starts in September 2024.

Who may enter?

Participation is open to all graphic designers, illustrators, advertising agencies and to design students. Participation is open to both individuals and teams.


In each category, a Joseph Binder Award in gold, silver, and bronze will be awarded in the form of trophies. In addition, the jury may give away up to three merit awards in each of the graphic design and illustration categories.

In order to support independent, conceptual, scientific, and non-commercial activities in the fields of graphic design and illustration, cash prizes worth a total of 10,000 Euro will be awarded to five outstanding projects in the Design Fiction category.

The Henry Steiner Prize will be awarded to honour a particularly deserving project linking east and west.

Entry fees:

Entry fee information are yet to be announced. Please check the official website for further information.

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