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The Call for Entries titled UX Design Awards 2019 is now open!

UX Design Awards 2019

CALL FOR ENTRIES - The Ux Design Awards 2019, singular international annual competition organised by International Design Center Berlin (IDZ) has been recently opened for submission with a focus on user experience, a key added value for connected life and work.


Submissions are now open for the 2019 Ux Design Awards, the competition held annually and presented at the global technology show IFA in Berlin, Germany. Organised by International Design Center Berlin (IDZ), this awards recognize excellent experience qualities in products, services, environments and future-oriented concepts.

Trought the Ux Design Awards, International Design Center Berlin (IDZ) honors innovative solutions that increase the added value of new applications, technologies and services through positive experiences – and thus contribute to shaping a future-oriented world. Successful user-centric design is essential and a unique selling point of innovative products and services.

The experiences of customers, employees and stakeholders shape the image of companies and organizations. Positive experiences promote the acceptance of new solutions and strengthen positive identification.

How do we experience our world of life and work, how do we wish to interact with new systems and technologies? Which expectations and wishes do future users have? Which solutions will prevail?

With the knowledge about user motivation, existing solutions can be improved and new business models can be developed. Successful experience design produces offers that increase joy of life through meaningful product experiences and that promote inclusion through intuitive handling.

Companies and agencies worldwide are invited to submit successful user-centric services, products and concepts by March 31, 2019.

The competition is open to product solutions, services, environments or concepts containing digital interfaces or electronic functions. Submissions may include solutions for businesses, organizations or end users, with no limitation of use areas or industries.

Each participant may submit a total of up to 6 competition entries.

The competition accepts submissions in the following areas:

Product Solutions - Launched or market ready products, services, environments

Entries for the "Product" may include for instance: Electronic products, digital applications, apps, software-based solutions, services, physical and virtual spaces containing electronic functions or digital touchpoints. Entries must have either been launched on the market no longer than two calendar years prior to their submission date, or should be planned for a launch within the year of submission.

If nominated, functional products or applications (or a short explainer video) must be presented for the jury examination. Original products or applications must be presented in the awards exhibition.

Concepts - Product studies, product-and service prototypes, interaction concepts, research projects

Entries for the "Concept" may include for instance: Technological product studies, product or service prototypes, pioneering interaction solutions, research projects or solutions not (yet) intended for a market entry. The development process must have begun no longer than two calendar years prior to the submission date.

If nominated, a prototype (or a short explainer video) must be presented for the jury examination and in the awards exhibition.

Submission requirements:

Information on the submitting entity and designers
Brief insights about the submission: Use case, target group, solution approach, USP and user integrated development process (max. 200 characters incl. spaces, English and German)
1 preview image: GIF, PNG, or JPG (RGB), 215 x 215 pixels
1–4 print resolution images: JPG (RGB), width and height max. 5,000 pixels, max. 10 MB per image
Film material: Product film and short explainer video (illustrating the use flow and the solution‘s key USP, duration: 30 - 60 sec., low-tech, e.g. mobile phone clip)
Software access data for the jury (e.g. test or demo versions for apps and software products

Among all entries, an expert jury will nominate fifty outstanding solutions to participate in the competition. In a second step, the jury selects up to ten award winners among all nominated projects. Impact, relevance and innovativeness range among key jury benchmarks. Across all categories, the jury names one 'Gold' award winner, who is considered the 'best of the best' in the competition. In addition, users from all over the world select an audience award winner in an eight-week long online voting procedure.

The competition is annually bestowed by the International Design Center Berlin (IDZ) and presented at the global technology show IFA in Germany.

The payment of the following fees to the Organizer will be required to obtain this special permit:

€ 350: Nominated
€ 700: Public Choice
€ 700: Concept
€ 700: Product
€ 900: Gold

Fees refer to one nominated product solution or concept and each licensee, excluding VAT.

Who can enter?

Participation in the UX Design Awards is open to businesses, start-ups, design consultancies and agencies, engineering offices as well as to consortia of companies and science facilities or academic institutions worldwide.


One product solution or concept that represents an exceptional level of innovation and consistent experience excellence will receive the premium title „UX Design Award Gold“. The Gold Award Winner is considered as the „best of the best“ in each competition year.

Among all nominees, the jury will assign the following titles: „UX Design Award | Product“ for outstanding product solutions with excellent user experience qualities and „UX Design Award | Concept“ for visionary use cases and outstanding user experience concepts. In addition, the audience award „UX Design Award | Public Choice“ will be determined among all nominees in an online voting lasting several week.

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