As long as it can be uploaded as a YouTube, Vine and Instagram video less than three minutes long you can submit anything. Pan over a drawing, scroll over a poem or text, film your own Hubblecast, film yourself performing or talking about a Hubble topic, create an animation or compose a piece of music and upload it as a video piece.

There are two categories for the competition, one for those who are 25 and under — born in Hubble’s lifetime — and one for over 25s, with each having five runners up and one winner.

There is no entry fee for this Video Contest!

It's free to enter!


The two winners will receive the once-in-a-lifetime prize of a section of Hubble’s solar array mounted in perspex. These little pieces of Hubble are part of the huge solar arrays that spent 3 years orbiting the Earth, giving Hubble its power, until they were replaced in 1993.

The winners will also receive a metal-backed copy of the 25th anniversary image signed by astronomers and astronauts who have worked on Hubble. The two winning videos will be featured in our special “Ode to Hubble” Hubblecast.

The producers of the five shortlisted videos for each category will recieve the wonderful book “The Universe through the Eyes of Hubble” and their videos will be hosted on the spacetelescope.org website.

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