The goal of CHOREOGRAPHIC CAPTURES is as simple as it is ambitious: to use unconventional means to increase people’s awareness of the art forms of film, dance and choreography. It is meant to give this art form space for artistic input, exchange, networking and presentation, and to advance the interaction between choreography and media art.

The goal of the Choreographic Captures competition is to sensitize the audience’s view of film and choreography as art forms and open its eyes for a choreography of images.

The award ceremony and the presentation of the winning films will take place in November 2015 in Switzerland.

There is no entry fee for this Video Contest!

It's free to enter!


Monetary prizes will be awarded for the artistic quality of the films in the amount of up to 2,000 Euro. In addition, prizes will also be awarded in the “cinema” category that includes the presentation of the winning films throughout Germany and Switzerland, as well as the screening at different European festivals. Within the framework of a cooperation with Das Tanzfest.ch, the winning films will also be included in the programs of the cities participating in Das Tanzfest.ch between 12th and 15th of May 2016.

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