Theme of the competition: Tell the story of street culture in no more than 2 minutes: murals,skate parks, street food, the great outdoors, nature, bikes.
Feel free to express yourself in the urban jungle.
The videos sent in must follow these rules in order to be entered in the competition:

- the film shorts must last at least 60 seconds and not exceed 120 seconds.
- the film shorts cannot contain images or explicit allusions to sex, alcohol, violence, explicit vulgarity and/or bad language, racial or religious discrimination.
- the contents of the film shorts (both audio and video) must be original or free from any rights - the organisers of the competitiondo not allow the use of bikes in the videos; they also ban the use of recognisable vehicles or vehicles whose brand is recognisable.
The only bike which can be accepted in the videos will be the Ducati Scrambler in any of its versions.
The inclusion of this bike in any case is not of intrinsic merit for the video and will not in any event be seen as abonus: the jury will assess the authenticity, originality and technical skill of the video makers.

Contestants may send their original video (in other words which contains images and audio content that are original and/or free from any rights) that lasts for a minimum of 60 seconds and does not exceed 120 seconds, to the competition organisers by uploading the videos at www.scramblerducati.com/scrambleryouare There is no entry fee for this film competition!

It's free to enter!


The jury will assign two prizes, from 1,000 euro to 5,000 euro, for a prize total of 6,000 euro, including the prize awarded by the online audience.

The prizes will be divided as follows:
- First prize of the Official Jury 5,000 euro
- Prize of the online People’s Jury 1,000 euro
- From among the finalists, a director will be selected to take part as assistant director on a film short made by Ducati Scrambler

The prizes will be considered to all intents and purposes as a fee for the original work and therefore cannot be considered as promotional prizes (art.6, para. 1, Presidential Decree 430 of 26/10/2001).
The duties and taxes relating to the prizes are the responsibility of the Organisers who will not seek any reimbursement from the winner of the prize.
The videos will be put online and can be voted for as they arrive.
The sooner contestants send in their videos, the sooner the video can be voted for by the people’s jury, after it has been approved by the organisers.

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