The 2nd Squeeze It Contest 2016 - VIDEO CONTEST

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The Call for Entries titled The 2nd Squeeze It Contest 2016 is now open!

CALL FOR ENTRIES - The L'Officina and the Studio Tommaseo of Trieste, together with the Trieste Contemporanea Committee, announce the Squeeze It Contest 2016, international Video Contest directed at the new generations in order to encourage future professionals to create original projects, which are characterized by the dynamic interaction between the contemporary creativity of theatre, the languages of the visual arts and of the new media.


2nd Video Contest Squeeze It, dedicated to Franco Jesurun is an international competition addressed to the European area.
Young artists under the age of 30 are invited to create original projects, which are characterized by the dynamic interaction between the contemporary creativity of theater, the languages of the visual arts and of the new media.

The initiative is aimed also at developing moments of exchange and sharing between young artists and experts from the three fields of competence. For this purpose a series of workshops will be held.

Special attention will be given to projects submitted by groups formed by members from different areas of training and interest.

The contestants are asked to conceive an original and unpublished theatrical action, low budget and small format, organically connected to the languages and issues of contemporary visual arts. The candidate action has to maintain as its founding elements the stage environment and performing talent, include dramaturgy and give specific attention to the visual potential of recent information and communication technologies.

The contestants should submit projects which have the ability to be sustainable, shareable and adaptable and, in keeping with the logic of the contest, the applying theatrical action must be able to fit in an ideal 4mx4mx4m size box and should last no longer than 16 minutes.

Both the submitted theatrical action and the video clip of it must be unpublished.

The individual or group candidate is requested to upload the following documentation:

- personal data and an Identification Document of the applying individual/project leader;
- curriculum vitae of the applying individual or of the project leader/group;
- in case of an applying group, names, dates and places of birth of its members;
- title of the project and its abstract;
- written presentation of the project;
- a video clip of the proposed action, which does not exceed 4 minutes;
- up to 2 other documents containing any other material which is added as pertinent to the candidacy.

At the end of the final evening the jury will decide the winner of the FRANCO JESURUN AWARD 2016 and will announce the winner of the ONLINE SQUEEZE IT AWARD 2016.

There is no entry fee for this Video Contest!

It's free to enter!

Who can enter?

The competition is open to young contestants under the age of 30, born in EU member countries, in CEI member states, in Kosovo and in Turkey.


Тhe winner of the 2016 Franco Jesurun Award will be given the opportunity to collaborate with an internationally renowned video artist with whom he/she will realize a professional video work of the winning theatrical action. The video will premiere in Trieste and then will be screened in Europe through the international network of the organizers.

The selected finalists and the winner of the online vote will be invited to participate in a 3-days workshop in venues of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region, to be held in the days before the final evening.

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