24-hour Sundial Architectural Competition

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24-hour Sundial Architectural Competition

24-hour Sundial Architectural Competition now is over!

24-hour Sundial Architectural Competition: The IDEANOVA Foundation Team recently has orgnised its 24-hour Sundial Architectural Competition inviting in particular students and university employees to design a small or medium-sized mobile architectural form representing a sundial.

Short description

The IDEANOVA Foundation Team is pleasant to invite you to participate in its international architectural and astronomical competition 24-hour Sundial.

Organiser invites you to design a small or medium-sized mobile architectural form representing a sundial. The mechanism of the sundial should operate in a 24-hour system (indicating the time after dusk) and simulate the motion of the Sun along the ecliptic.

24-hour Sundial, sculpture/architectural installation which is not permanently attached to the ground and whose functionality includes measuring time on the basis of changes in the position of the Sun in the 24-hour system, taking into account both solar and official time, expressed in at least minutes. According to the idea ofthe Organiser, the 24-hour Sundial, between sunset and sunrise, shall indicate solar time, corresponding to the time in the exact opposite place on the globe. The functionality of the architectural installation should take into account the simulation of the movement of the Sun along the ecliptic on both sides of the globe, in a given longitude.

The mechanism of the sundial will be designed at the final stage of the competition, after the selection of the best architectural concept, and will be the resultof cooperation between the Competition Organiser and the Author of the winning design.

The winning project will be built and exhibited in Poland, near the Wawel Royal Castle in Krakow.

Submission requirements:

Due to the variety of locations where the sculpture will be exhibited, the design of the 24-hour Sundial should be a structure that is not permanently attached to the ground. The size and weight of the object should allow its presentation in other exhibition locations (apart from the base location in Kraków, Powiśle11Street) throughout Poland.
Also the scale of the proposed solution, with regard to its form, should take into account the variety of potential exhibition locations, and it should not collide in the plan with the functional elements of the environment in which it can be presented.

Who may enter?

The projects may be submitted by teams of several people and by individual participants, in particular by students and university employees.


Main prize: 15 000 PLN
Audience award: 5000 PLN
Second place award: 3000 PLN
Third place award: 2000 PLN

The winning project, once constructed, will be exhibited on the square at the foot of the Wawel Royal Castle, Powiśle 11 Street in Krakow.

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