31st Fashion ZAKKA Design Competition

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31st Fashion ZAKKA Design Competition

31st Fashion ZAKKA Design Competition now is over!

31st Fashion ZAKKA Design Competition: The 31th Fashion ZAKKA Design Competition has been recently announced by Taito city government dedicate to collect designs for fashion items and invites anyone who is interested in ZAKKA (fashion items) design, either professional or amateur to participate.

Short description

Taito city government is hosting the 31st Fashion ZAKKA Design Competition and is looking for your leather and fabric fashion item designs.

The city of Taito, Japan includes well known touristic area such as Ueno and Asakusa, however it is also a renowned production area of fashion items. In fact, many of the fashion items for famous brands such as shoes, bags, wallets, belts or hats are produced in manufacturers in Taito. The 31st Fashion ZAKKA Design Competition includes the following categories:

Leather Division

Belts & Suspenders
Small Leather Items

Fabric Division



Entries to the Leather Division must include some leather in their design.

Examples of “Small Leather Items” include mainly products for holding or covering items, and that could be found for sale in wallet or stationary departments (with the exception of accessories such as earrings, rings, bangles, and necklaces) such as wallets, coin purses, cases for pens, commuter passes, keys, or mobile phones, pouches, and stationary, etc.

Designs should be new and previously unpublished and has not been made into product or received any awards and should be able to be made into product. Materials, shapes, and parts are restricted to those able to be processed. Non-leather materials (e.g. metal, plastic) for which special processing is required are not acceptable.

Both men’s and women’s designs are acceptable.

Submission requirements:

Use colored designs (CG and/or photo OK) on B4 size paper.
Please provide detailed information about the colors, materials, measurements, and shape used. You may attach this separately from the design illustration.
When submitting multiple designs, please attach a design concept for each individual design.

Every year, the prominent guest judges who are on the front line of the industry and fashion goods manufacturers review over 2,300 entries and select outstanding design illustrations.

The copyrights of the awarded designs in the competition is transferred to Taito Fashion Fair Committee, which may put them in production.

There is no entry fee to participate!

Who may enter?

Anyone who is interested in ZAKKA (fashion items) design, either professional or amateur, is eligible to participate.


The competition will result in awarding 25 different prizes and more than ¥850,000 (Japanese Yen) in prize money. The Grand Prize is ¥300,000. The winning designs will be produced by craftspeople in Taito.

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