4th “We want Jazz” International Poster Competition

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4th “We want Jazz” International Poster Competition

4th “We want Jazz” International Poster Competition now is over!

4th “We want Jazz” International Poster Competition: “We want Jazz” International Poster Competition, organized by EUROJAZZ Jazz Music Promotion Foundation, has been recently opened for entries inviting anyone wordwide to participate submitting posters on the theme 'Make jazz not war'.

Short description

The competition is organized by EUROJAZZ Jazz Music Promotion Foundation based in Warsaw, Poland.

Artists are asked to design a poster on the theme "Make jazz not war".

We are united against the war! Moved and taken over by Russia's attack on Ukraine, we decided that there could be no other topic of the competition than "Make jazz not war". We realized how important music and culture are. How much music, and jazz in particular, can and does bring joy and positive energy. We realized that in these difficult times, jazz can be a mainstay of normality, because it lies at the opposite extreme to the atrocities and suffering caused by war. Guided by the importance of the topic, organizer join forces with the Silesian Jazz Club and organize the event under the slogan "Make jazz not war" together. The first stage of this year's competition will be the festival exhibition during this year's 18th edition of the "Jazz in Ruins" International Festival. The exhibition will be held in the 150-year-old GZUT Model Hall in Gliwice. It will have a pre-selection character, and the final works of the "We want jazz" competition will be selected from among the posters qualified for it.

About 150 works will be selected by the jury from all the posters sent through the registration system. The international jury will include experts and representatives of the organizer of the "We want jazz" competition. The works selected by the festival jury will be presented in the form of a printout and / or screening during the 18th International Festival "Jazz in Ruins".

The organizers will select the final 20 posters from among the works qualified for the festival exhibition of the 18th edition of the International Festival "Jazz in Ruins". From among the selected 20 final posters, three winning posters will be selected.

Submission requirements:

You are invited to submit maximum of 3 posters sized 70x100 cm (vertical) file, saved as TIF, LZW compression, CMYK, resolution 200 dpi.

Who may enter?

The competition is open to anyone wordwide.


1st prize: 5,000 PLN
2nd prize: 3,000 PLN
3rd prize: 2,000 PLN

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