7th Prisma International Art Prize

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7th Prisma International Art Prize

7th Prisma International Art Prize now is over!

7th Prisma International Art Prize: The cultural association Il Varco is pleasant to announce the 7th edition of its Prisma International Art Prize, an online open call for artist that takes place every three month, open to every artist worldwide.

Short description

The cultural association Il Varco are pleasant to announce the 7th edition of the Prisma Art Prize, an international online open call for artist that takes place every three month.

Evey year at the end of 4th edition organiser host a collective exhibition with all the works they find suitable for it. All the winning paintings will be exposed in a big collective exhibition in a gallery in Rome for a week, where will be invited collectors, gallery owners, art critics and passionate people about art.

Organiser are looking for paintings, drawings, graphic art and engravings of any size and on any support.

Your work will be carefully examined by the artistic jury. Organiser will answer in 48 hours max and tell you whether your work will be a finalist or not in the competition. In that way you can immediately benefit from your submission or concentrate on something else. If your work will be selected, it will be immediately put on the organiser website and on their social networks.

The winner will be announced by February 15th 2021.

The exhibition will take place at the Atelier Montez, a contemporary art factory born in 2012 from the redevelopment of an urban wreck between the Natural Reserve of the Aniene and the historical outskirts of Rome, Pietralata, built on a project by the Artist Gio Montez, Giacomo Capogrossi and the architect Francesco Perri.

Who may enter?

The call for entries is open to every artist without limitations of age, place and country of origin.


Every three months organisers will choose a winner among all the finalist works that will get a € 500 cash prize. They will award €2000 in cash prizes every year to the best artists that will take part in their award in seasonal competitions which take place every three months.

All the finalists will be put in the on-line gallery forever and they will compete for the service’s prizes as well. They will also be in consideration for the annual exhibition. All the participants will have the chanceto win a purchasing prize at the annual exhibition.

The “Viviva Colors prize” and the three “Biafarin Prizes” will be awarded to one of the finalist artists of the edition.

Entry fees:

The submission has a fee of €25 and it allowsthe submission of up to 3 works. However is possible to submit 5 more artworks paying an addiction of 5€ for each further work.

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