9th Annual Hum3D Competition

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9th Annual Hum3D Competition

9th Annual Hum3D Competition now is over!

9th Annual Hum3D Competition: The 9th annual Hum3D competition for the best Car render, the largest awards event for the car 3d modeling and visualization industry, has been recently launched for 2022 inviting all 3D artists to participate.

Short description

The 9th annual Hum3D competition for the best Car render is the largest awards event for the car 3d modeling and visualization industry.

To participate you need to create a car 3d model, put it into 3D environment and make a beautiful render. There are no limits for your creative ideas: you can choose any automobile you like whether it is racing or imaginary vehicle.

Judges will pay attention to the visual component of your works, but this is not all that you need to win. The idea of the work is also very important for jury, as well as its presentation, complicacy (both of the model and of the scene) and quality of performance.

Submission requirements:

Your entry must be a 3d rendered image. Environment should be made in 3D; organizer permit the use of HDRi for sky and some small parts of landscape. No texture/polycount limit. Using of third-party assets such as vegetation, street elements is allowed. Car models should be made by you in 3D modeling software. Enhancing your rendering in post is allowed – That includes things like color adjustments, compositing render layers/passes, and adding effects like smoke, fire, particles, etc. Adding photographic elements (like cut out characters or vegetation) or doing paintovers or photobashing is not allowed.

The render should be at least 1500 pixels wide if the work is horizontal. Render size should not exceed 2 mb and should be in .JPG format. Work can be in any style you like (low-poly, cartoon, futuristic etc), with using post production.

The work must not have been previously published anywhere, neither online or offline. It must be original art created by you specifically for the challenge (no existing projects, stock/free car models or concepts made by other artists).

You can submit only one work: one final render and one clay/wire render of the scene.

Who may enter?

This competition is open worldwide to 3D artists to participate.


First prize winner will receive one-year subscription to 3ds Max, 1-year OctaneRender Enterprise All Access license, Annual V-Ray Solo or Corona license, One year subscription to Adobe Substance 3D Collection, plus so much more!

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