A Sustainable Xmas With Scribit

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A Sustainable Xmas With Scribit

A Sustainable Xmas With Scribit now is over!

A Sustainable Xmas With Scribit: Scribit, a group of art and robotics lovers, are pleasant to invite all creatives worldwide to participate in its new creative contest called ’A Sustainable Xmas with Scribit’ where participants can submit their digital line drawings for a chance to win one of our Drawing Robots.

Short description

’A Sustainable Xmas with Scribit’ is a new creative competition recently organize by Scribit, a group of art and robotics lovers that invites everyone worldwide to participate.

Sustainability is one of the core values of Scribit. With the Christmas season fast approaching, we are compelled to think about the festival in a different way, in light of its recent association with high volumes of consumption and waste.

Organizer challenges you to reimagine what a sustainable Christmas would look like: be creative and share your vision in the form of a Scribit drawing.

Submission requirements:

Submit your Scribit drawing, at least 1000x1000px, saved as SVG vector file. You can use a max. of 4 colours. Your design must be linear. All shapes must be made of lines, including any shape fills.

Include a short description (max. 800 characters) of your design and a title (max. 23 characters)

Winners will be first personally contacted via email and then announced via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter on the 7th of December.

Who may enter?

This competition is open to everyone worldwide.


Grand Prize (worth $883.98)
- Scribit Anthracite Edition
- 48 Whiteboard Original
- Dry Erase Paint

Excellence Award (worth $599.99)
- Scribit Anthracite Edition

Special Award (worth $499.99)
- Scribit Original

Special Mention - 5 winners
- Special mention in the Scribit app

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