Adobe Digital Edge Awards 2022

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Adobe Digital Edge Awards 2022

Adobe Digital Edge Awards 2022 now is over!

Adobe Digital Edge Awards 2022: The Adobe Digital Edge Awards 2022, international competition recently organized by Adobe celebrates game-changing student projects that use Creative Cloud to take uni work to the next level.

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The Adobe Digital Edge Awards 2022 recenlty opened for entries, celebrate game-changing student projects that use Creative Cloud to take uni work to the next level.

Whatever you’re studying, digital skills can make you and your coursework stand out, and those skills are what can help you land your dream grad job. Share a piece of uni work that showcases your digital literacy.

Digital literacy can be applied to anything you do. It’s the power to use digital tools to solve problems, create innovative projects, and enhance communications to prepare for the evolving workplace. These are skills every new graduate needs to demonstrate to prospective employers. This year, the Digital Edge Awards have two briefs – and two sets of prize.

Entries must either be in response to a university assignment set in the academic year 2021/22, or a reimagining of an assignment where you think the Creative Cloud apps will take it to the next level.

A team of up to six students can enter together. The work must be created primarily (50% or more) with Adobe tools found within Adobe Creative Cloud.

Many universities provide free access to Creative Cloud for students. If not, students with a valid student email address can save 65% on Creative Cloud. Plus, you can also get a free 7-day trial to help you create your submission.

Your hard work will be judged by a professional panel of industry and Adobe experts. Submissions will be judged on your ability to convey complex information to others in an easy-to-follow format. You should also make your work as engaging as possible for your audience.

Evaluation Criteria:

Your work will be reviewed against four key themes: Creativity, Digital Literacy, Originality, and Overall Quality.

Winners will be announced in summer 2022.

Who may enter?

Open to UK students from all backgrounds and at least 18 years of age at the time of entry.


Two winning entrants will receive 9,250 GBP, while six runners-up will get 1,000 GBP each.

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