Agorà Design Contest 2023

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Agorà Design Contest 2023

Agorà Design Contest 2023 now is over!

Agorà Design Contest 2023: Agorà Design Contest 2023, a competition/event dedicate to the culture of the architectural and design project, now is calling for entries inviting all students and professionals of all ages and backgrounds to participate.

Short description

In 2023, a new edition of Agorà Design, the festival dedicated to architecture and design, returns. In this occasion young designers, companies and big names of the industry will meet in Martano, Lecce, Italy, the agorà of ideas. Exhibitions, talks, thematic workshops and lectio magistralis will be part of an intense programme of meetings scheduled during the event, which will be held from the 28th of September to the 1st of October in the heart of Grecìa Salentina, an area which speaks an ancient language of Greek origin.

The contest features a Living and Garden sections and aims to stimulate innovative and competitive ideas for the manufacturing industry, enhancing national and international talents and resources.

Participants are called upon to submit innovative and original projects, featuring design, functionality and environmental sustainability, describing unique uses and innovative applications of materials.

For 2023, the theme to which designers are invited to respond is 'Hyperlocal': architecture and design from the regions. Is it possible to intercept new creative energy in a hyperlocal dimension? In a world demanding a change of pace in terms of sustainability, how can a designer and an architect respond to society’s needs? Is it possible through the revival of forgotten or obsolete knowledge and techniques, to reinvigorate the culture of the design by following the specific features and history of different regions? Agorà Design’s new open call poses these questions to designers and architects and invites them to recount through the project reflections and experiences of change taking place in their living and working contexts.

After examining the entries received, assessing their originality, degree of innovation, feasibility, social, ecological, economic suitability, formal and functional aspects, and the suitability of the materials, it will award the cash prizes. The projects admitted to the contest, selected by a quality jury, will be displayed in an exhibition open to the public during the days of the festival.

Who may enter?

The contest is aimed at students and professionals of all ages and backgrounds.


There will be a cash prize, as well as awards and special mention, for the winners in the Professionals e Students categories.

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