ArcDeck Waterfront 2.0 Design Competition

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ArcDeck Waterfront 2.0 Design Competition

ArcDeck Waterfront 2.0 Design Competition now is over!

ArcDeck Waterfront 2.0 Design Competition: ArcDeck recently has launched its international design competition called 'Waterfront 2.0' challeging designers to propose design concepts for a futuristic 'waterfront' to combat the threat of rising water levels.

Short description

"Waterfront 2.0" is international design competition recently launched by ArcDeck that challeges designers to propose design concepts for a futuristic 'waterfront' to combat the threat of rising water levels.

Waterfronts around the world are seriously threatened by climate change and rising water levels. What's the future of world's waterfronts? This design competition challenges designers to propose design concepts for a futuristic 'waterfront' to combat the threat of rising water levels.

Climate change, global warming and rising sea levels are posing a grave threat to our environment and leading to erratic changes in weather across the world. Due to global warming and rising temperatures, several studies suggest that over 150 million people living on land may be below the high tide line by the year 2050. The threat of rising water levels is real and imminent.

How will we live, work or play along our waterfronts in the future? What happens to the most expensive real estate in the world? How will the waterfronts around the world continue to be attractive and sought-after? In other words, WHAT IS ‘WATERFRONT 2.0’ AND HOW DOES IT RESPOND TO THE IMMINENT DANGER OF RISING WATER LEVELS?
Submit conceptual ideas for design of a futuristic waterfront in any city around the world - by retrofitting it OR proposing a new design - to combat the imminent danger of rising water levels. Participants are encouraged to showcase how their design integrates with the adjacent waterfront development / existing urban fabric.

Only one submission will be allowed per registration.

Submission requirements:

The proposals should be prepared on 1 X A1 size sheet in PDF format (landscape orientation) and a supporting write-up of maximum 500 words in word document (.doc or .docx) format with total file size of all materials submitted less than 10MB.

Evaluation Criteria:

Organizer is seeking truly remarkable concept(s) or idea(s) that pushes the envelope for design of waterfront developments along an existing waterfront in any city anywhere around the world. The designs could be retrofit of an existing waterfront or new designs altogether.

Organizer is looking for innovative ideas that demonstrate the proposal's potential to create a futuristic waterfront that combats the threat of rising water levels as well as responds to the surrounding context. The conceptual submissions would be judged on their potential applicability or validity in the real world.

The proposals are expected to be visually stunning and aesthetically pleasing presentation of concepts with 3D graphics, sketches, images, artwork, collage or any other style that clearly convey the design intent. Participants are free to choose their medium of presentation.

Results announcement will be on July 20th, 2022.

Who may enter?

This competition is open to designers, architects, urban designers, landscape architects and design thinkers, professionals or students, above 18 years of age from anywhere around the world. There is no geographic limitation for participating in this competition.


1st place: US $1,500 + Certificate
2nd place: US $1,000 + Certificate
3rd place: US $500 + Certificate
10 Honorable Mentions + Certificate
Participation Certificate for all entries

Top 3 and Top 10 entries will be featured on the organizer website as well.

Entry fees:

Entry fee during the Regular registration (until May 31, 2022) is US $30. After that period ends the amount of fe will increase.

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