Archiol’s 2021 Render Challenge

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Archiol’s 2021 Render Challenge

Archiol’s 2021 Render Challenge now is over!

Archiol’s 2021 Render Challenge: Archiol’s 2021 Render Challenge is a international competition recently organized by Archiol, looking for rendering submission from all creative individuals over the globe that have an idea.

Short description

The Archiol’s 2021 - Render Challenge is international competition recently organised by Archiol that invites all creative individual with ideas to participate.

Presentation skills are just as important as designing; one of the best mediums to present your architectural designs is through rendering. Architectural rendering aims to create life-like experiences of the buildings before they are built.

Rendering aids the designer to convey his or her ideas, an image that represents the designers' imagination most realistically.

What you need to submit:

Create one rendered architectural graphic design that says it all. As this competition aims at exploring and understanding rendering (a medium of conveying designs) to an unimaginable extent, so you are free to choose the type, location, scale.

The Rendering can be hand-drawn or digital.

Submission requirements:

You need to send a zip folder that contains:

A single rendered Image saved as JPG. / JPEG. file
A DOCS. File with a description of not more than 500 words (100 words minimum)

Evaluation Criteria:

The jury is going to consider the creativity and concept in terms of presentation.

Results will be announced onl 5 June 2021.

Who may enter?

The competition is open to all, if you are a creative individual with ideas and wish to present your rendered ideas then take this challenge now!


Top 3 winners will receive certificates and an interview. Photos, articles and news will be published on the official web site of the competition. There willl be an honourable mentions as well.

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