The Big Thing - Architecture of The Abandoned: Metal Waste

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The Big Thing - Architecture of The Abandoned: Metal Waste

The Big Thing - Architecture of The Abandoned: Metal Waste now is over!

The Big Thing - Architecture of The Abandoned: Metal Waste: The Big Thing (TBT) is pleasant to announce their first design competition on the theme “Architecture of The Abandoned”- Metal Waste, with aim to re-think the tipology of everyday space.

Short description

The Architecture of The Abandoned: Metal Waste, is the first design competition organised by The Big Thing (TBT) with aim to re-think the tipology of everyday space.


The competition focuses on identifying metal objects that have long been forgotten, are in a state of abandonment or ruins and re-purpose these objects into to a functional typology of a residence. Re-purposing these objects into a shelter speaks to infinite possibilities of adaptive reuse of metal artifacts like trains, life guard stations, planes, ships, sea forts, cranes, satellite dishes, nuclear reactors, bridges, cars etc.

The competition is not about the beauty of the modern building that attracts but rather based on the power and magic created by inspiring Re-imagination. The participants are to design a residence by using these abandoned objects whose former function has now become obsolete.

Participants are to start thinking out of the box and remodel the typology of almost all of our everyday spaces. There shall be no restriction of combining different objects. Dismantle them, cut through them, break them, resize them but do not lose the real identity of the object and by this, carve out spaces which can come together as a unique House.

The Object can be of any form except buildings and be located any where in this world. It can be placed right in the centre of the city, inspiring wonder and awe or can be tucked away in a forgotten corner of the earth hiding in plain sight or the participants can choose to place the objecton the abandoned site it was found on to create incurable nostalgia.

Some of us in this competition might want to restore these objects while others might attempt to redesign. It completely depends on the discretion of the participants to use these objects in whatever manner they want. We can combine them with other objects, dismantle them or rip them apart. The only constraint is to not lose the identity of the realo bject.

Submission requirements:

The Proposal to be presented on 1 x Landscape/ Portrait Oriented A1 Sheet, saved as a jpg file, max 8mb.
All text must be in English, with a maximum of 250 words for project explanation.
Proposals may be represented using any technique of your choice (sketches, diagrams, 3D visualizations, models photos, CAD drawings, etc.)

Evalutation criteria:

Choice of object
Scenary for the abstract
Modularity & Space Management
The Big Factor
Representation of Thoughts

The jury panel will evaluate all the submissions and winners will be announced on December 1st, 2020.

Entry fees:

Entry fee starts from USD $30 if you submit your works before Early Bird Registration period (15th June - 15th July) ends. After that period entry fee will cost more.

Who may enter?

The competition is open to all students and professionals, architects, designers, visualizers and all prospective candidates, irrespective of their professions or qualifications.

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