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Biennial Grant

Biennial Grant now is over!

Biennial Grant: The Biennial Grant, now in its 4th edition, organised by The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards and FotoNostrum, is open to receive applications from all established photographers, professional, amateurs and students worldwide, with aim to fund and support photographers working on a documentary or fine art projects.

Short description

The Biennial Grant, now in its 4th edition is open to receive applications!

Organised by The Worldwide Photography Gala Awards and FotoNostrum, Mediterranean House of Photography, the Biennial Grant has been conceived to fund and support photographers working on a documentary or fine art projects.

The Biennial’s Grant is open for applications every two years, and it is aimed to fund photography project expenses through 24 months with a monthly stipend.

Submission requirements:

the type and theme is open: all projects are viable: editorial or photojournalism, documentary, fine art, wild life, nature, landscapes, street photography, portraits, environmental, alternative processes including the manufacturing of reality, etc.

1 pdf containing a short biography and a 300 words (max) description and/or statement of the project. Please include also how are you planning to spend the grant.

a project submitted should consist of a set of 8 to 20 images, accompanied by an artist's CV and a project description and/or statement.

finished or totally completed projects can be submitted and in that case, the grant can be used for promotion, exhibition, book, etc.

planned or unfinished project as well as ongoing and finished to be promoted, are entitled to be submitted.

up to 3 projects can be submitted provided they are different body of works.

images can be color or B&W or a mix of both. In case of a drafted project to be initiated, please send images as blueprints of the project.

submited images need to be saved as JPG (sRGB or AdobeRGB), resolution 72 dpi, 1400 pixels in the longest side, Quality: High (Photoshop 8).

Evaluation Criteria:

Organiser is looking for photographers:

that having the required boldness to grab a shot, no matter what others may be thinking or which the market trends may be.

that are aware that it is impossible to consistently create their best work every time they shoot and set a goal to steadily improve by continually expanding their body of work.

motivated by creative exploration, photographers pursuing the creativity that truly feeds a creative soul.

capable of creating images based on an awesome and original concept.

that constantly catalyze the passion for their projects, motivated to pushing past conventional boundaries.

that is motivated and inspired to create a magnificent work, obsessed with the idea of creating their magnum opus.

that never stop working in projects just because they're holding their breath waiting for the stars to align.

The winner of the grant will be announced in the opening ceremony in FotoNostrum, Barcelona.

Who may enter?

This competition is open to all worldwide established photographers, professional, amateurs and students.


The Grant amount $12,000 to fund ongoing, or completed photography projects to be promoted or published.

Recipient and Shortlisted photographers will be invited to be part of the Biennial's Grant Community of Recognized Photographers, exchanging ideas with us and the other members, about the evolution of this Biennial's Grant.

Projects of the Winner, Runner ups and Shortlisted will be featured in FotoNostrum Magazine and exhibited in the exhibition space of FotoNostrum, Mediterranean House of Photography, Barcelona (Spain). Given the current situation with the pandemic, the date of the exhibition is yet to be determined.

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