BLT Built Design Awards

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BLT Built Design Awards

BLT Built Design Awards now is over!

BLT Built Design Awards: Renowned Farmani Group is pleased to announce the official launch of its highly anticipated BLT Built Design Awards, one of the most comprehensive Annual Awards dedicated to Architecture, Design, and Construction that invites architects, interior designers, product manufacturers & designers teams to submit conceptual, in-progress or completed work.

Short description

BLT Built Design Awards was assembled by the Farmani Group as the sister initiative of the IDA International Design Awards, which has been recognizing and celebrating smart and sustainable multidisciplinary design since 2007.

This award recognizes the expertise of all professionals involved in the realization of outstanding global projects, from architecture firms, interior design experts, construction projects, and project management.

Through the BLT Built Design Awards, organiser aims to focus on celebrating projects, people, and their passion for the industry.

Currently, the BLT Built Design Awards is seeking entries for its latest program in the areas of outstanding projects, innovative processes, sustainable initiatives, and disruptive companies in one or more of the following categories:

Architecture Design of the Year
Interior Design of the Year
Construction Product of the Year
Project Management of the Year

Organiser is looking for outstanding projects, innovative processes, sustainable initiatives, and disruptive companies to become the most inclusive platform raising awareness and bringing the spotlight on all professions involved in the realization of new infrastructures.

Submission requirements:

Up to 10 supporting images saved in JPEG (.jpeg, .jpg) or PNG (.png) can be submitted with each design. One image is for the cover photo to identify the entry and the remaining 9 are supporting images of the entry. Images must not exceed 4MB per file and a minimum of 1000 pixels wide. If your entry has a product specification, you have an option to upload one PDF file in A4 or letter-sized format. The PDF must not exceed 4MB.

Who may enter?

BLT allows every successful company (Architects, Interior Designers, Product Manufacturers & Designers teams)located anywhere in the world, to enter great projects to this prestigious award. BLT Awards is open to professionals and Students.


Winners of each category will receive the BLT Trophy, extensive public showcasing of their designs to an international audience, and more.

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