D&AD New Blood Awards 2023

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D&AD New Blood Awards 2023

D&AD New Blood Awards 2023 now is over!

D&AD New Blood Awards 2023: D&AD New Blood Awards, organized by D&AD has been recently opened for entries in its 2023 edition, dedicate to young people, students and recent graduates of any age, is a great way for emerging new talent to experience the reality of the creative industry.

Short description

D&AD New Blood Awards 2023, one of the largest competitions for emerging creatives to exercise and showcase their talents, has been recently opened for entries!

Designed to help emerging creatives prepare for the world of work with real-world brief experience, the D&AD New Blood Awards aims to help bridge the skills gap between what education teaches and what industry requires. It offers the opportunity to build portfolios and give a platform for emerging creatives to be spotlighted and seen by industry professionals. Disciplines covered include Graphic Design, Digital Design, Advertising, Copywriting, Animation and Illustration.

D&AD every year celebrates and nurtures outstanding work in the design and advertising industry each year with its international creative awards. As well as the Professional Awards, D&AD aims to cultivate new talent, ensuring the next generation of creatives gets off to a flying start.

How to enter?

Download all briefs you like the look of. Each one comes with its own brief pack, full of useful things like background information, inspiration and brand logos to help you on your way. Then it’s up to you to create your response. The brief and brief pack will tell you how to format and present your work ready to submit.

Your ideas will be seen by representatives of the brands, along with a panel of top creatives from around the world.

Who may enter?

Open worldwide to advertising, design, digital and marketing students, recent graduates and emerging creatives.

You can enter as an individual, or up to five people can work together and enter as a team. Students and non-students can work together too, but everyone on the team must be eligible to enter. If you’re a student you need a tutor to enter.
You also do not need to be a student to enter, but New Blood is for emerging talent so you must not have any more than one years paid experience working in the creative industry.


All winners will receive one New Blood Pencil per team (the key to getting your foot in the industry’s door), a digital certificate per team member, and lots more.

Entry fees:

Enter for free by completing a 5-10 minute entrant survey, or pay 15 GBP per entry.

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