Design-A-Sock Contest 2024

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Design-A-Sock Contest 2024

Design-A-Sock Contest 2024 is now open for entries!

Design-A-Sock Contest 2024: Sock It to Me, a fun, clever, design-focused sock brand, is hosting new edition of its Design-A-Sock Contest for 2024 inviting all fans and artists around the world to enter and design its own socks.

Short description

Design-A-Sock Contest, held annually by Sock It to Me , has been recently opened for entries now in its 20th year for 2024 inviting all fans and artists around the world to participate.

This is more than just a competition, it’s a celebration of creativity, individuality, and the human spirit. This is your chance to design your own socks, and maybe win the opportunity to see it produced.

Sock It to Me has been hosting this design contest every single year since the company was founded in 2004. It has been a fundamental and extremely crucial backbone of the company, as the competition has steadily and powerfully contributed to Sock It to Me’s growth year after year.

Participants are invited to submit unique sock designs.

You can submit maximum of 5 original entries per person, and maximum 6 colors per design can be used.

The organizers are looking for designs that they don’t already have (take a look at their current line on the official website to see what is already available). Also avoid complex details or gradients as these are difficult to translate onto a sock. You can design any style you want (crew, knee high, etc.), though that might get changed during production.

Approximately 30 semi-finalists will be chosen and offered for public voting between 14th August and 20th August, 2023. The semi-finalist judging and finalist voting will be based on the following criteria:

Simplicity of design
Use of a maximum of six colors
Use of colors that are flat and solids, NO shading, blending or half tones
Use of pattern

The judging to select the 3 winners will be based on all of the above finalist criteria, plus the additional following criterion: Use of imagery, themes, patterns, or designs that are different from our current line.

Any socks produced, are created with the artist’s permission first. If they like a design that doesn’t win, they’ll contact you to see if you are interested before they move forward with production.

Submission requirements:

Each person may submit up to 5 designs. Each design should be accompanied by its own entry form. Up to 6 colors may be used per design. Black and white are counted as colors.

Who may enter?

Sock It to Me is open to people aged 18 and older. Parents and legal guardians of children under 18 may also submit designs created by their children.


The winner will receive a $2,000 cash prize. Second place will win a prize of $1,000, and third place will receive $650. All of the winning sock designs may be produced in one of the company’s future product lines.

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