Design Innovation Competition 2021

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Design Innovation Competition 2021

Design Innovation Competition 2021 now is over!

Design Innovation Competition 2021: DI-2021, Design Innovation Competition 2021, now is accepting submissions, open to both concept projects, as well as realized projects by young design and tech professionals worldwide.

Short description

Design Innovation Competition 2021, now is calling for entries!

The goal of DI 2021 is to identify promising projects and/or start-up ideas that offer innovative solutions to complex problems.

International Talent Competition DI-2021 is about finding and celebrating talent that blurs boundaries between design, tech and business. It aims to facilitate innovation, promote and celebrate work that challenges the traditional set up of an industry or business through a new method, creative solution or a strategy.

The design competition is open to both concept projects, as well as realized projects by young design and tech professionals worldwide.

Submission requirements:

Please submit your proposal on a single page as JPG (640 x 640 px minimum) with 200-500 words text outlining:

1. What is your proposal?
2. What problem does it solve?
3. Why your solution is unique?
4. How do you see your solution being implemented now and in the span of the next 3-5 years?
5. Add 1-5 visuals to illustrate your concept

Each submission should not exceed 5MB.

Evaluation Criteria:

Clarity of the problem statement (solves a very specific problem)
Originality of the idea (the proposal has to offer a unique solution)
Analytical depth and strong potential to change the industry sector
Value to user & value to partners
Implementation and integration of the solution
Design of the solution
Technical execution
Visual presentation

Results will be announce on 23 December 2021.

Who may enter?

This competition is open to students, young designers, entrepreneurs and tech professionals worldwide.


$5,000 Pool Prize Platinum Prize $1,500 Gold Prize $1,000 Silver Prize $500 People’s Choice Award $500 Social Impact Award $500 Partners Pool Prize $1,000 Also, get a change to: 1. Meet and talk to the top European Business Adviser on how to jumpstart & navigate your venture 2. 1:1 with our Award-Winning career coach 3. Exclusive interviews and personal spotlight publications on DI 4. Digital Design Innovation Award Kit  5. Lifetime access to the DI professional network

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