Desita Award 2020 - Gelato & Pizza Experience

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Desita Award 2020 - Gelato & Pizza Experience

Desita Award 2020 - Gelato & Pizza Experience now is over!

Desita Award 2020 - Gelato & Pizza Experience: Desita and invite the international community of designers and creatives to rethink the whole experience related to the sectors of gelato and pizza, for both industry operators and customers, closing the gap between the food industry and the design world.

Short description

In this 6th edition, the DESITA AWARD 2020 is looking for new solutions to bring innovation and added value to the gelato and pizza sectors, focusing its attention on the experience of both customers and industry operators, extending its scope of research to several product typologies and services.

Gelato and pizza are two remarkable examples of the Italian know-how and tradition in the food-sector. New scenarios and emerging global challenges represent great opportunities for this business to grow and consolidate. DESITA AWARD 2020 comes in with the mission of encouraging idea generation and innovation around the experience related to these sectors, addressing creatives from various disciplines and cultures.

DESITA AWARD 2020 categories: you can take part in the DESITA AWARD 2020 by choosing between two main categories, GELATO EXPERIENCE and PIZZA EXPERIENCE, each consisting of a separate award. You can decide to participate with one or more projects, for either category.

For each main category (GELATO EXPERIENCE or PIZZA EXPERIENCE), you can present your project in one the following project typologies:

1) Tools and Packaging: design or redesign tools, objects, accessories, packaging, food consumption etc. in order to improve the functionality, the food preparing and/or the fruition experience from the service and/or customer standpoint.
2) Interaction: design or redesign electronic devices/applications, digital devices, etc. that could improve the food preparation and/or fruition experience from the service and/or customer standpoint.
3) Delivery service: design or redesign effective solutions for food transport, preservation and delivery that could improve the experience from the service and/or customer standpoint.


Your projects shall focus on the experience for either the customer or the industry operator, with regards to gelato or pizza, paying great attention to each process involved (fruition, preparation, etc.) and to aspects of sustainability.

The projects you present shall be able to provide and suggest innovative approaches and sustainable solutions, which are prerequisites in the evaluation of all projects.

Submission requirements:

submit one or more images of the project (including sketches, 3D renderings, illustrations, etc.). Higher resolution images (150ppi), PDF files, technical drawings and other materials can be attached inside a .ZIP archive (MAX 100 MB) from the upload page.

a detailed description of the project (max 2,000 characters, spaces included);

some technical drawings (orthogonal projection, axonometry, diagrams/drawings, project dimensions, exploded isometric) or – at your discretion - 3D files.

Participants can present one or more projects.

Evaluation criteria:

Degree of innovation 5/5
Functionality 4/5
Market potential 3/5
Technical Feasibility 3/5
Project presentation 2/5

Who may enter?

This competition is open to designers and creative talents of any nationality aged 18 years or older.


The winner in both categories will recive €3500.

In addition to the cash awards, each award provides also:
Publication of the winning project on DESITA and Partners media channels.
The possibility to see their projects actualized, subject to the Client assessment.
International visibility by: press-release, media channels, magazines, social networks.

Entry fees

There is no entry fee to participate!

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