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ENVO Next Move

ENVO Next Move now is over!

ENVO Next Move: ENVO Next Move, a design competition organized and held by ENVO Drive Systems, aiming to design the next generation of sustainable personal transportation, has been recently opened for entries inviting all visionary and creative minds keen to shape the micro-mobility future to participate.

Short description

ENVO Next Move is a design competition organized and held by ENVO Drive Systems, aiming to design the next generation of sustainable personal transportation.

The objective is to encourage leading minds to shape the future of the electric personal transport industry in various contexts of use, ranging from navigating the city to exploring nature.

Each submission must be submitted in one of the following categories considering the specified design requirements for each category:

Snow Electric Mobility Solution

Electric micro-mobility solutions are not yet fully adopted for extreme weather conditions. There is almost no reliable electric micro-mobility solution for areas covered by snow for more than half the year. How can a solution address the challenges of moving through the snow with zero carbon footprint?

Water Micro Electric Mobility Solution

Watercraft require large amounts of power to move, especially at higher speeds due to the exponential relationship between the speed and the required power to reach that speed. Electric batteries do not offer the same level of energy density as hydrocarbon-based sources of energy. Consequently, an electric system must be more efficient than a traditional hydrocarbon-fueled system to achieve the same performance.

All-Terrain Electric Platform

Existing off-road recreational vehicles like quads and side-by-sides have considerable environmental effects. Using fossil fuels and generating lots of noise to explore nature would be a paradoxical and ironic choice. ENVO wants to take the challenge and develop electric mobility solutions to explore nature with excellent efficiency on the road and off-road.

Weather Protected Electric Bike/Trike (Velomobile)

Currently, there is a good variety of electric bikes and trikes on the market. However, most products are not designed for all weather conditions. There’s a void in the market for weather-protected e-Bikes and e-Trikes that can be used in the city and to explore nature. This category allows for more freedom in ideation and brave concepts

The cutting-edge micro-mobility solution of the future

Do you have a unique micro-mobility solution that does not fit the above categories? There is still an opportunity for you to join the challenge with an innovative yet feasible design.

ENVO will review the submissions, and 50 entries will proceed to the next round. To develop these entries further, selected participants will be supported by a team of mobility experts over three weeks. In the final stage, the jury will choose three projects as the competition’s winners.

Submission requirements:

Designs must be submitted in JPG format.
Each submission must match the following requirements:

- It should visualize the concept.
- It must include a maximum 300 words text description that explains why the proposed design fits the evaluation criteria.
- The ENVO logo must be visible in the file.
- The file should be in B2 size (50 × 70 cm), landscape with 300dpi resolution. Please note that a single JPG file upload is allowed.

Who may enter?

Organizer want visionary and creative minds keen to shape the micro-mobility future to participate in the contest. No professional qualifications are required. Design proposals can be developed individually or by teams of a maximum of four.


Out of the first 50 submissions, ENVO will review and potentially select one idea to allocate a C$ 5000 fund for future development of the submitted concept to make a prototype jointly with the designer. The Golden Buzzer Winner will receive a partnership agreement from ENVO that clarifies their rights and benefits.

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