Europhotometeo 2024 Photography Competition

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Europhotometeo 2024 Photography Competition

Europhotometeo 2024 Photography Competition now is over!

Europhotometeo 2024 Photography Competition: The Europhotometeo 2024 Photography Competition, a prestigious event in the realm of weather-related photography, is now welcoming submissions, inviting photographers, both amateur and professional worldwide to participate with the best shoots.

Short description

The Europhotometeo 2024 photography competitiona, prestigious event in the realm of weather-related photography, an initiative of the European Meteorological Society EMS in collaboration with the Asociación Meteorológica Española (AME), is now welcoming submissions.

This competition not only celebrates the beauty of meteorological phenomena but also aims to raise awareness about the dynamic nature of the Earth’s atmosphere.

Through this contest, the EMS and the Asociación Meteorológica Española endeavor to engage a global audience, encouraging a deeper appreciation for the environment and the science of meteorology. The Europhotometeo 2024 serves as a confluence of art, science, and environmental consciousness, making it a must-participate event for photography enthusiasts and nature lovers alike.

Participants are invited to submit their most captivating images of clouds and other weather-related scenes, reflecting the awe-inspiring beauty and complexity of the Earth’s atmosphere.

The Europhotometeo 2024 seeks to highlight the artistic and technical skill involved in meteorological photography, bridging the gap between science and art.

Only digital photos specifically related to clouds or other meteorological phenomena taken within 2022 or 2023 will be accepted.

Winners will be announced on the EMS website in early April 2024.

Submission requirements:

Each entrant is permitted to submit one photograph, ensuring a level playing field for all. The submitted images must have been taken within the last two years, specifically in 2022 or 2023, ensuring that the photographs reflect recent meteorological events and advancements in photographic techniques.

When submitting an entry please send anlso a short description of your photo, original resolution, the echnical equipment used, the where and when the photo was taken, including the country, all in the English language.

Who may enter?

Photographers, both amateur and professional, are encouraged to participate in this celebrated competition.


The Europhotometeo 2024 competition awards cash prizes to the top three photos: €1,000 for the first prize, €500 for the second prize, and €250 for the third prize winner. Winners will also receive a certificate. he top ten photos will also be recognized on the website.

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