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FABRIC TEXTURE CONTEST: The Fabric Texture Contest is a CG contest recently opened for entries, with the theme of Japan that accepts entries in the fashion and freestyle categories for 2D and 3D images using free fabric textures.

Short description

The Fabric Texture Contest is a CG contest celebrating the launch of the KIZI fabric texture library, inviting 2D and 3D creators to use high-quality Japanese fabrics to showcase their vision of Japan in the "Fashion" or "Freestyle" categories.

The theme of the contest is "Japan". Please express your own perception of Japan in your work.

The judging criteria focus on how well the design meets the contest theme, conveys a unique message, and portrays the textile materials.

You can submit only original CG works using fabric textures distributed by KIZI. Both 2D and 3D CG works are accepted for submission.

Submission requirements:

You must upload your images in JPG or PNG format. The image files must not be larger than 20 MB in size.
You must use fabric textures distributed by KIZI. You can use as many types as you like.

Evaluation Criteria:

how successfully the design meets the contest theme
Whether the message is strongly conveyed or unique ideas and innovations have been incorporated
Whether the textile materials are attractively portrayed

Who may enter?

Anyone can apply regardless of profession, age, gender, or nationality. Please apply with the consent of your guardian if you are under 18 years old. If someone under 18 years old applies.


There will be Gold, Silver and Bronze winners that will receive the cash prizes and KIZI Texture personal licenses, and there will be also even participation prizes for all entrants.

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