Forward to Normal

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Forward to Normal

Forward to Normal now is over!

Forward to Normal: Forward to Normal, a creative design competition recently organized by Glug and Vungle calling on creatives to use their skills for good and re-imagine the future.

Short description

Vungle has partnered with Glug to launch ’Forward to Normal’, a creative design competition calling on creatives to use their skills for good, create positive visions of the future and shape the ’new normal’. The global pandemic has given us a golden opportunity to re-imagine & re-organise the world around us. Graphic creative communications are incredibly effective in engaging people to think and act differently.

The competition features three briefs for creatives to respond to within a limited time window, with the first brief opening for entries Wednesday, 19 August.

The mini brief titles and topics will be released one by one on the dates below. They’ll each run for 2 weeks. You can enter each brief as many times, with as many ideas, as you want!

Brief 1, Wednesday 19th Aug - 2nd Sept
Brief 2, Wednesday 9th Sept - 23rd Sept
Brief 3, Wednesday 30th Sept - 14th Oct

Organizers want you to design & storyboard an interactive ad spot that re-imagines an aspect of the post Covid-19 world. This could be through a mini game, animation, quiz, questionnaire, interactive statistics or anything else you can think of. They’re looking for a broad range of creative responses, reflecting upon three individual mini briefs and bearing in mind the campaign aims. They’ll then utilise Vungle’s ad network to distribute your creative ideas around the world. They want to see innovative ideas, lockdown reflections & manifestos for the future!

“This is a competition that will push creatives of all stripes – designers, brand strategists, illustrators and artists – to think differently about how they design for the public good and how they use their skills to help us all imagine the world to come.

This doesn’t have to be the final product. So don’t worry about producing super polished final works. Organizers just want to get a flavour for the idea and visual style. Consider the following aims when putting your idea together:

Engagement: Does the idea get people thinking or acting differently? Is there meaningful or memorable interaction with the viewer?
Shaping the new normal (ideation): Is there a clear image of how things might be different in the future? Or how they have changed for the better so far?
Visual Communication: Does the style or imagery work to communicate the idea? Is it visually engaging? Will it grab the viewer’s attention?
Messaging: Does the creative have a positive or thought provoking message? Does it encourage safe practices?

The expert panel of industry leaders will select a favourite concept from each of the 3 mini-briefs. The final winners at the end of the process, to be announced in October at Glug x Mediatel: Future of Creativity event, will get expert one-to-one support from Vungle Creative Labs to transform their storyboard concept into a real-life playable in-game ad, served via the Vungle ad network that reaches one third of the world’s smartphones. The five runners up will also get access to the Vungle Creative Labs team, to understand how ads are designed and come to life.

There is no entry fee to participate!

Who may enter?

Designers, brand strategists, illustrators and artists, anyone who’s inspired by the challenge and the briefs is encouraged to enter!


The final winners at the end of the process, to be announced in October at Glug x Mediatel: Future of Creativity event, will get expert 1-2-1 support to transform their storyboard concept into a real-life in-game ad and see it delivered on the Vungle ad network, where it has the potential to reach over a billion global users. Organzier is also offering winners and five runners up the opportunity for 1 to 1 feedback and mentoring with some of the best creative technologists in the game.

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