Goldreed Industrial Design Award (GIDA) 2022

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Goldreed Industrial Design Award (GIDA) 2022

Goldreed Industrial Design Award (GIDA) 2022 now is over!

Goldreed Industrial Design Award (GIDA) 2022: The third edition of the Goldreed Industrial Design Award (GIDA), a unique opportunity for designers and companies to gain visibility on an international level while approaching the Chinese market, has been recently announced for entries in its 2022 edition.

Short description

Goldreed Industrial Design Award is the international design award hosted by the Xiongan Future Industrial Design Institute and undertaken by GIDA Organizing Committee.

The award is aimed at any individual, designer, architect, studio, company, university or other institution from any country in the world with the aim of discovering new concepts (not yet on the market) or existing products from 8 categories that can contribute to the harmonious and symbiotic development of man and nature.

Typology of admissible entries are:

PRODUCT GROUP: Products already on the market for no more than two years (that is, products listed on or after March 1st, 2020), in conformity with national industrial policies and relevant technologies and standards.

CONCEPT GROUP: Original design works, never published, sold or produced in the market, with significant innovations in functions, structure, form, technology, materials and low carbon impact.

Each entry (either for the Product or the Concept group) must belong only to one category, choosing from the following eight categories:

Manufacturing equipment
Advanced industrial equipment designs, including industrial equipment, construction equipment, agricultural and forestry equipment, mechanical tools, medical equipment, office facilities, transportation equipment, protective equipment, etc.

Information processing
Information processing product designs with digital and intelligent technologies, including communication equipment, broadcast and television equipment, audio and video equipment, wearable devices, computers, intelligent terminals, etc.

Home life
Designs related to home life, including home furniture, home appliances, kitchen and bathroom, home decoration, products for the elderly, children’s products, maternal and child products, toys and musical instruments, etc.

Sports and healthcare
Sport product designs that can improve people’s mental and physical health, including health and fitness facilities, sports and leisure products, outdoor products, physical fitness test devices, health monitoring devices, etc.

Public facilities
Public facility product designs, including urban furniture, public lighting, guiding signs, shared facilities, information services, sanitation facilities, safety facilities, transportation facilities, facilities for leisure and entertainment, etc.

Communication design
Innovative and interactive product designs for corporate image communication, including corporate logos, brand design, display design, packaging design, animation, print advertising media, website interface, user experience, etc.

The jury includes world top-experts and representatives from the design and business community. The main evaluation criteria of the Jury will be based on three dimensions. First is manufacture, focusing on “leading industry”, which covers Second is life, focusing on “lifestyle”, which covers human care and aesthetics. The third is ecology, focusing on “harmony, peace and symbiosis”, which covers sustainability and other factors.

Who may enter?

The award is dedicated to designers, design teams, design studios, companies, universities and institutes from all countries and creative fields.


The Goldreed Industrial Design Awards has a total award pool of 4 500 000 RMB (about 640 000 Eur), with over 40 cash awards to assign. The 1st prize winner will receive 144.000 EUR. Winning entries will be featured in both virtual and physical exhibitions.

Winners will be invited to participate in this year’s award ceremony, the 5th Hebei International Industrial Design Week and other series of activities. Also, winners will have the opportunity to serve as the guest speaker of “GIDA Future Design Salon”.

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