Good Design Awards 2019

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Good Design Awards 2019

Good Design Awards 2019 now is over!

Good Design Awards 2019: Australia’s Good Design Awards that recognizes and rewards excellence in design, innovation and creativity at a national and international level, has started accepting entries for 2019 inviting all designers and innovators around the world to participate.

Short description

Good Design Australia is calling for Australian and international entries to the 2019 Good Design Awards. Australia’s annual Good Design Awards program is one of the oldest and most prestigious international design awards in the world, promoting excellence in design and innovation since 1958. It’s mission is to showcase superior examples of good design across a broad range of industries and design disciplines.

Through their annual Good Design Awards program, they recognise and celebrate excellence in cutting edge design and breakthrough innovation. The Good Design Award accolades are among the most respected and recognised international design endorsement symbols in the industry. These registered trademarks are visible indicators of good design principles and an organisation’s commitment to design excellence.

The Good Design Awards has one of the most diverse range of categories for design in the world, with seven main disciplines and more specific secondary categories under each of these.

The seven main categories are the following:

Architectural Design - Includes architecture, interior design, landscape design, urban design, public spaces and facilities, office and retail fit outs, street equipment, environments and exhibition design.
Communication Design - Includes corporate branding and identity, advertising campaign design, commercial art, graphic design, primary, secondary and tertiary packaging, POS displays, signage, wayfinding and print media.
Digital Design - Includes software, websites and online portals, user interfaces, smartphone applications, animations, gaming and digital media.
Engineering Design - Includes projects that represent excellence in all areas of Engineering Design. Entries will be accepted that cover mechanical engineering design, electronic design, agricultural engineering, automotive engineering, heavy engineering, systems engineering, civil engineering, naval architecture and structural engineering.
Fashion Design - this category has been established to recognise businesses that are using design and innovation to positively impact the future of the fashion industry, from a sustainability perspective.
Next Gen - The Next Gen Category (previously the Young Australian Design Awards), is open to young Australian designers, engineers, innovators and entrepreneurs. It was created to inspire the next generation of Australian designers and to help foster a culture of design, innovation and creativity in Australia.
Product Design - Includes industrial design, consumer product design, furniture design, software-electronics design, engineering design, medical device design and automotive and transport design.
Service Design - Includes the design of services and systems for the private and public sector, education and government agencies. Sectors covered include banking, financial services, legal services, tourism services, health and medical services, insurance services and more.
Social Innovation - The main objective of the Social Impact category is to recognise the role of design in creating a better society.
Design Strategy - The main objective of Design Strategy category is to recognise the role of design in driving business strategy. The Design Strategy category has specific evaluation criteria that evaluates how organisations use design as a strategic tool to be more competitive.

Applicants may enter as many entries as they would like to be assessed by international expert judging panel. The same entry may also be submitted in more than one category if applicable.

Prototypes, off-tool samples or products, services or projects still under development or construction are not eligible to enter. The entry must be available on the market prior to the announcement of the Awards at the Good Design Awards Presentation Ceremony.

The Good Design Awards evaluates all entries based on three overarching design criteria that include:

Good Design
Design Innovation
Design Impact

Further to this, Judges are asked to evaluate each entry based on specific evaluation criteria aligned to each of the 10 Design Disciplines listed on the official website.

The Good Design Awards Ceremony will be held on 11 July 2019. The Good Design Ceremony is one of the most anticipated design events of the year.

Entry fees:

The Good Design Awards Registration Fee is $450 + GST per entry.
Entry in the Social Impact category is $150 + GST per entry.
Entry in the Next Gen category is free.

All winning entries are automatically included in the Winners Package at an additional cost (based on company size). All applicants are able to opt-out of this if they so choose.

The cost of transporting entries (if required) to and from the assessment venue must be covered by the applicant.

Who may enter?

The >STRONG>2019 Good Design Awards>/STRONG> is open to professionally designed products, services, projects or experiences designed in Australia or overseas.

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