Hamdan International Photography Award 2020-2021

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Hamdan International Photography Award 2020-2021

Hamdan International Photography Award 2020-2021 now is over!

Hamdan International Photography Award 2020-2021: The Hamdan International Photography Award 2020-2021, an international photography award established in Dubai in order to encourage and spread the culture of photography across the world, has been recently opened for entries inviting all worldwide to participate.

Short description

The Hamdan International Photography Award 2020-2021 is an international photography award, founded in 2011 under the patronage of the crown prince of Dubai that encourages photographers to share their craft and demonstrate excellence in what is now one of the most coveted Awards in the world.

The theme of this season is ‘Humanity’.

One of the most important subjects that is closely observed within the photography world is ‘Humanity’ - a message that loyally binds the people of this planet together.

Photographing the human race has both a profound and powerful impact in inspiring change such as saving millions of lives from diseases, epidemics and disasters as well as wars and its devastating effects.

A photograph details everything. It has the ability to disturb as well as convey its content to audiences around the world in order to connect to their humanity and awareness.

Can a photo impact society? Are you moved when the depth of humanity touches you and reaches her arms around the globe?

Organiser invites you to share the human spirit through photography, and inspire the world with your story of humanity.

Submission requirements:

• You can submit only 1 photograph per category, except the portfolio category, where you must upload 5-10 photographs.

• Participants are allowed to submit a Black and White Photograph in all categories except the ‘General – Color’ sub category.

• Submitted Photo(s) must be in JPEG format, with high quality and resolution, of a minimum 5 MB in size, the minimum of the longest edge should be no less than 2000 pixel and the quality no less than 300dpi and to be suitable for publication.

• Participants are requested to submit the raw/original camera files at the same time of submitting their photographs.

• a brief description of minimum 30 words in length must be included with each photo in all categories. Except for the ‘Portfolio’ category you need to write a description for the entire portfolio.

Who may enter?

This competition is open to all individuals over the age of 18 from all over the world.


There will be four winners for each category, plus a Grand Prize that will recive 120,000 USD. There will be also three special awards:

• Photography Appreciation Award: 20,000 USD
• Photography Content Creator Award: 15,000 USD
• Emerging Person/Organisation in Photography Award: 10,000 USD

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