Hiiibrand Awards 2023

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Hiiibrand Awards 2023

Hiiibrand Awards 2023 now is over!

Hiiibrand Awards 2023: Hiiibrand Awards 2023, Hiiibrand International Brand & Comunication Design Award, has been recently opened for entries for 14 consecutive years, aiming to improve the development of brand design while awarding those who apply themselves to the excellent works around the world.

Short description

Hiiibrand Awards 2023 has been recently announced for entries!

The Hiiibrand International Brand & Comunication Design Award, since 2010 has been held for 14 consecutive years.

The Hiiibrand International Brand & Communication Design Awards focuses on branding, business value and communication design, discovering and honoring outstanding branding practices and design strengths through a global call for entries and selection, and striving to promote communication and development in the field of brand and design.

The Hiiibrand Awards 2023 emerges as a globally acclaimed platform, celebrating excellence in brand and communication design. These international design awards serve as a significant milestone for creative professionals seeking recognition for their innovative contributions to brand strategy, positioning, and visual communication. By showcasing exemplary work in these fields, the Hiiibrand Awards not only set the industry benchmarks for quality and creativity but also attract a wide audience from the design community, eager to witness the latest trends and outstanding achievements. Hiiibrand Awards 2023 has two levels, Professional and Student, in the following categories:


The candidate works have to be created between January 2021 - February 2024.

Globally renowned veteran designers will work as judges for the competition and fairly select winners for various prizes.

Who may enter?

Open worldwide to brand consulting, design agencies, design firms/teams, branding studios, marketing departments, freelancers, students, or corporate/brand manufacturers who own the rights to attribute their works.


Design Awards: The award will be set out of Gold Award, Silver Award, Bronze Award and Merit Award for professional level and student level.

Brand Awards: There will be 3 Best Brand Awards and 10 Excellent Brand Awards for the nominations of professional level.

Organization Awards: There will be 10 Best Delegations and 20 Best Tutors for all schools and teachers around the world.

Winners of the Hiiibrand Awards will receive a series of benefits including the right to use the Hiiibrand Awards logo on their award-winning work, electronic award certificates, and the Hiiibrand Awards - Kaleidoscope Trophy for all Bronze Award winners and higher. Additionally, winning works will be featured in an online exhibition on the Hiiibrand website, complete with images, text, and an optional video clip, offering winners significant exposure within the design community.

Entry fees:

Enty fees for professionals starts from $24 USD and depends of the submitted category. Students entry starts from $12 USD and also depends of the submitted category. Each delegation of school or teacher that submit more than 10 works will have an extra discount of 40%.

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