IDEASxWOOD a contest by TABU 2020/2021

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IDEASxWOOD a contest by TABU 2020/2021

IDEASxWOOD a contest by TABU 2020/2021 now is over!

IDEASxWOOD a contest by TABU 2020/2021: TABU Spa, the company that represents the Italian excellence in the dyeing of wood, is pleasant to announce the 3rd edition of the its design competition titled IdeasXwood 2020/2021 inviting all designers professionals and students alike to participate.

Short description

TABU Spa, located in Cantù, the company that represents the Italian excellence in the dyeing of wood, this year launch the 3rd edition of its competition of ideas for university students and designers Under 40.

IDEASXWOOD is the most important contest in the industry of wood and it is supported by ADI, FederlegnoArredo and FSC Italia. This is a project with a strong educational impulse designed to support the knowledge of wood and its esteem as a renewable material that’s sustainability can be planned for the future generations.

Submission requirements:

• Each participant/group can upload up to a maximum of 2 projects.

• The projects must be delivered complete with the notes and technical details on what is necessary for the eventual production of the project. Each project must include a maximum of 3 tables (horizontal A3 tables) – one with the complete pattern and the other two, optional, with the details – and the document with the general description.

• A short report (max 3000 characters) describing the motivations, the general concept, the main features of the project and the materials. The .pdf file of the report must be in a vertical A4 sheet.

Evaluation Criteria:

The submitted solutions shall be original. Furthermore they shall be aimed at enhancing the company’s work. The aesthetic quality of the presentation and considerations about the technical feasibility of the project will be positively evaluated. The indication of at least one wood species / veneer certified as per the FSC® list and the attention to the re-use of the wood and to the optimization of its use in the production processes will also be positively evaluated.

During the first week of July 2021, the Award Ceremony will be held in a prestigious location in Milan.

Who may enter?

The participation in the competition is open to professionals and students worldwide. For both categories it is allowed to participate as individual or in a group.


• PROFESSIONALS Category: 1° prize € 5,000
• STUDENTS Category: 1° prize € 5,000

The winner of each category is selected from a list of finalists who will be awarded Honourable Mentions according to the type of project.

The Contest also includes FSC Special Award and CARPANELLI Special Award.

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