JIA Illustration Award 2021

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JIA Illustration Award 2021

JIA Illustration Award 2021 now is over!

JIA Illustration Award 2021: JIA Illustration Award, organised by Japan Illustrators’ Association, the most popular organization of professional illustrators in Japan is accepting entries in its 2021 edition, inviting all illustrators from all over the world to participate.

Short description

The JIA Illustration Award 2021, an international competition organised by Japan Illustrators’ Association, the most popular organisation of professional illustrators in Japan, has been recently opened for entries accepting applications from around the world.

The Illustration Award is held annually since 2000, drawing thousands of professional and amateur talents worldwide.

There are no themes and you can apply for works of any genre, including hand-painted works, digital works, and three-dimensional works.

All entries must be the original work of the entrant, and you may submit a maximum of 5 illustrations. Images must be in electronic format (JPEG files). The width and the heights should be within 2,000 pixels.

If your work is hand drawing works you need to scan them or take photos and turn them into digital data. If your work is three-dimensional works you can take 3 photos of each work from 3 directions and make them one set.

Who may enter?

The JIA Illustration Award 2021 is open to anyone worldwide.


Grand Prix: 400,000 Yen (approx. 3,790 USD)
Gold Award: 200,000 Yen
Silver Award (20 artists): Certificate of commendation + Supplementary prize. Prize winners will appear in the Japan Illustrators’ Association annual book as well.

Entry fees

Entry fee starts from 4,200 Yen (approximately 39 USD) for the first piece.

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