KeyColours Competition 2022

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KeyColours Competition 2022

KeyColours Competition 2022 now is over!

KeyColours Competition 2022: Key Colours, the two-yearly international graphic design competition for illustrators of children’s books dedicate for children from 2 to 7 years old has been recenty opened for entries inviting everyone, regardless of experience to participate.

Short description

Clavis Publishing, New York recently has launched its Key Colors, the two-yearly national contest for illustrators of children’s books.

For many illustrators this unique award is the start of a successful international career.

Only a children’s book, intended for children from 2 to 7 years old, can qualify for the award. A professional jury will judge the artistic, literary and child-oriented qualities of the works.

By the participation in the contest the illustrators and/or authors guarantee that the submitted work is fully original and was never published before in any form whatsoever.

The submitted works will be judged by a jury of 5 experts at children’s books, including an illustrator and the winner of the previous edition. The winner of this edition will become member of the jury for the next edition.

Submission requirements:

Please make sure the files you upload contain the following requirements:

1. A children’s story for ages 2 to 7, written on a max of 4 pages, divided into text blocks.
2. A full-size mockup, sketched in pencil, with all the plates of the book as they will be worked out afterwards. The text blocks are indicated on all these pages.
3. Three of the above-mentioned plates fully worked out in colour on at least 1 entire page. The chosen technique is free.
4. Name the files with the title of your work and a number (1, 2, 3 ...).

You can choose one of the following formats:

9.84 x 10.24 inches
11.42 x 8.27 inches(portrait or landscape)
9.25 x 12.80 inches

The text must be sent in the original language. If the original language is not English language, a translation in English should be added.

A children’s story must be told and illustrated in exactly 24 pages, or 12 double pages. Each presented work must have a title. The title of the work must be written in a separate file.

Evaluation Criteria:

literary and child oriented qualities of the story.
bringing into vision of the story.
artistic qualities of the illustrations.

The decision of the jury will be announced during the summer of 2022.

Who may enter?

Open to any illustrator based in the United States and Canada. Participation of groups is allowed as well.


The winner receives 8,000 dollars and the winning work will be published by Clavis Publishing.

From all entries, a selection will be made for a children’s books exhibition in New York.

Apart from the winner, other entries may also be considered for publication by Clavis. The award and the resulting picture books will be largely discussed in the press and at book fairs abroad.

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