Kokuyo Design Award 2022

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Kokuyo Design Award 2022

Kokuyo Design Award 2022 now is over!

Kokuyo Design Award 2022: Kokuyo Design Award 2022, international product design competition organized by KOKUYO aiming to gather and commercialize designs from a wide range of users in the general public that are excellent from the perspective of those using them.

Short description

The Kokuyo Design Award Kokuyo 2022 now is opened for entries accepting registration and submissions internationally!

The Kokuyo Design AwardKOKUYO Group is an international competition for user-centric product design, where the best of the best are actually put on the consumer market. It gathers proposals from all around the world, and turns outstanding entries into commercial products.

This year the theme is ’Unlearning’.

The world is about to undergo a drastic change. Will it be economics, science, information, or the power of creativity that will topple the old framework? Creating a new norm and determining the shape of the future in a place far away from human senses is too restrictive. Design can defy, design can criticize, design can show diversity, and even destroy knowledge and ideals. Let’s rebuild the relationship between objects and design by focusing once again on the truth that no one has ever doubted. When society, ideas, people and lifestyles are in turmoil, there are no absolutes. The grand design lies beyond “UNLEARNING”. Organizer is looking for any and all ideas to turn into actual products. Any stationery, furniture or tool used in working, learning and living scenes is eligible for entries.

Entry eligibility is limited to those designs never before shown publicly (in Japan and other countries). Multiple submissions are allowed.

Entrants must be able to make a presentation at the final judging in Tokyo on March 12, 2022.

Evaluation Criteria:

The design’s interpretation of the theme
The design’s level of completion
The design’s potential to become a product

Who may enter?

The competition accepts entries from any corporations, organizations, individuals and group (up to two individuals for group entries).


The best entry will be awarded with a Grand Prix of 2,000,000 Japanese Yen (approx. 18,000 USD). Three Merit awards of 500,000 Japanese Yen each (approx. 4,500 USD) will also be announced.

Entry fees

There is no entry fee to participate!

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