#LABELicious 2022 Competition for product label design

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#LABELicious 2022 Competition for product label design

#LABELicious 2022 Competition for product label design now is over!

#LABELicious 2022 Competition for product label design: #LABELicious 2022 competition, an initiative of FINAT, has been recently opened for entries serching the label design for the new full (future) product range, invites all 18-25 year old talents, students and young professionals in European countries to participate.

Short description

#LABELicious 2022 Competition, an initiative of FINAT, the European association for the self-adhesive label industry and adjacent narrow-web product decoration and identification technologies, has been recently opened for entries serching the label design for their new full (future) product range.

This is a unique opportunity for 18-25 year old talents in European countries, to show your vision of what a label should look like in 2025!

What does organiser is serving for?

Organiser challenges the youngest generation of label and packaging designers to come up with smart, creative and sustainable label designs for GENERGISE, its new (to be launched) consumer brand, focussing on the empowerment and wellness of senior consumers.

Produce the unique graphic brand identity for the label design of the selected product line(s) for the GENERGISE brand, reflecting the brand essence and specific audience requirements and the generic packaging description of the product line(s).

Produce the technical label description (label construction, substrate, shape e.g. die cut etc., front and back, cap, optional neck label, closing branded adhesive label etc., where applicable). Explicitly describe and explain the smart functional role (e.g. temperature, allergenic identifier, communication interface, safety function etc., etc.

In line with their focus on ‘the functional use of smart technologies’ and on ‘empowering‘ their customers, they aim to make a leap forward in integrating other smart functions in labels for branding and functional purposes.

As a modern organic brand, they value sustainability aspects enormously and believe that good design should evoke a holistic approach to sustainability in packaging while offering an exciting brand experience at the same time. Specific aspects of sustainability that they welcome could be found in processes like the technical construction of a label, raw material usage for label production, physical production of the label, application of the label, or recycling of the label.

The colour (indication) of the GENERGISE product range is part of the designer challenge and currently not defined as a brand restriction.

Submission requirements:

upload the original artwork created by the contestant (e.g. creative design, technical design etc.) in the form of a hires 300 dpi A3-visual in PDF or JPG format. As the submitted artwork is a digital file.

enter the description in English of how the brief was translated into the submitted solution (including comments about the innovative element, the sustainability angle and the feasibility aspect of the submission) – max 250 words

Evaluation Criteria:

Innovation Factor (35%) - How does the entry score when it comes to crossing the boundary of known / existing solutions?

Impact Factor (25%) - How does the entry score when we imagine the impact of the proposed design or solution?

Functional Factor (20%) - How does the entry score when it comes to meeting all the functional requirements form the briefing?

Feasibility factor (20%) - Can the entry technically be realized, where the jury encourages design that test the limit of technical execution?

The Award Ceremony will take place on 28 Aprile 2022 at Labelexpo in Brussels.

Who may enter?

Young professionals beween the age of 18 and 25 in Europe can submit their most innovative ideas for labels for 2025 to win #LABELicious in 2022!


Each winner wiil receive € 1.000 in a cash prize, valuable contacts in the label industry in your country for future work opportunities and visibility of your work in trade press and association media.

Furthermore, all winners of the 2021/2022 edition, will be offered the possibility of visiting Labelexpo Europe in Brussels for additional LIVE visibility of their work and personal introductions to professionals in the industry.

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