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Laundry Tool Design

Laundry Tool Design now is over!

Laundry Tool Design: RB, the world's leading consumer health and hygiene company and invite you to find a tool for collecting and removing the dirt from the water used to hand wash clothes in countries with water scarcity and poor water quality.

Short description

RB invites you to design new tools for collecting and removing the dirt from the water used to hand wash clothes. People living in those parts of the world suffering from water scarcity and poor water quality could take advantage from flocculation technologies for purifying/clarifying the water before washing their laundry by hand.

In many parts of the world, millions of people face issues of water scarcity and poor water quality. Sometimes the water used for laundry purposes is taken from rivers and wells, but it often contains sediments and particles in suspension that make it turbid, thus not suitable or even counterproductive for laundry, as these particles would ultimately deposit on garment’s fabric and fibres. In this context, flocculant products could be used as additives to the laundry cleaning formulations to purify/clarify the water, by causing particles to aggregate into jelly agglomerates (“floccules”), that can be removed more easily before hand-washing the clothes. The aim of the contest is to find intuitive, effective and simple tools that may help people to easily remove the floccules from the laundry bucket before hand-washing their clothes, either in case of floating or of sedimenting floccules, or in both cases. For this purpose you might:

design new concepts of tools;
design some accessories to adapt/improve existing common objects;
suggest the use of products already on the market, to be duly adapted if necessary, to scale up at a global level.

All options shall be ecological, reusable, cost effective and compatible with the use scenario and the target markets.
Your solutions might be suitable for the presence of floating agglomerates, of deposits on the floor or for both cases.
At your discretion, the tools might also provide additional features, for example for facilitating the mixing of the solution or the laundry process as a whole.

Submission requirements:

you are invited to present your solutions both in terms of their design (shape, size, style, etc.) and in terms of use scenario. Accordingly, you are required to attach images depicting your solutions (renderings, sketches, etc.) and descriptions that clearly present the context of use and the use scenario. Additional materials (CAD files, 3D files, reports, analysis, etc.) might be attached inside a .ZIP archive to submit along the other materials in the upload page of the contest. The upload of photos of existing products will not suffice.

Evaluation Criteria:

Functionality/Usability 5/5
Social impact 4/5
Economic sustainability 4/5
Creative thinking 4/5
Eco-friendliness 3/5

The winner will be announced approximately before the end of April 2021.

Who may enter?

This competition is open to designers and creative talents of any nationality aged 18 years or older.


The 1st prize winner will recive €4500.

For the duration of the option right, the Sponsor offers an extra chance to all participants setting a fee of Euro 1,500 for the purchase of the license for the economical exploitation of the projects not-acknowledged as the winning proposals.

Entry fees

There is no entry fee to participate!

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