LIV Hospitality Design Awards 2021

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LIV Hospitality Design Awards 2021

LIV Hospitality Design Awards 2021 now is over!

LIV Hospitality Design Awards 2021: The LIV Hospitality Design Awards, international competition recently opened for entries in its 2022 edition globally recognized excellence in Hospitality Architecture, Interior Design, and Guest Experiences.

Short description

The LIV Hospitality Design Awards 2022 now is accepting entries into its two major categories: Architectural Design and Interior Design.

The program is open to architects and interior designers around the world who have created incredible projects in Hospitality.

The mission of the LIV Hospitality Design Awards is to celebrate the quality and diversity of the architectural ventures and interior design projects shaping the worldwide hospitality industry today.

Entries can be submitted as conceptual designs, in progress, or as completed projects. The only restriction is that entries or completed projects in the category “Brand New” must be no more than 3 years old.

The 2022 jury, is composed of 41 high-profile hospitality design experts from 23 countries. Jurors include Bittor Sanchez Monasterio, Global Vice President Design Economy & Midscale Brands, Accor; Melissa Messmer from the Red Sea Development Company, from the Rotana Hotels, Najee Syriani is the group Corporate Vice President – Projects. Larry Traxler, the Senior Vice President – Global Head of Design of Hilton Worlwide remains part of the jury board together with Eric Leong, Vice President – Design & Technical Services of Minor Hotels. Their task and challenge are to award the submitted applications and to find the next rising star in the design industry.

Submission requirements:

all projects are accepted, without any realization time limits. However, entries in the “Brand New” category must be in business for not more than 3 years.

the entry description is one of the most essential parts of your submission, so make your description engaging and interesting; keep it succinct, but still, give as much information as possible; share the original idea for the design, the creative trigger, how it contributes to society or local communities, etc.

the project description and other information should be written in English.

you can upload up to 10 images with each entry. Select some images that give an overall view of the Architecture/Design, and others which are close-up shots. Please keep in mind that in case you have a winning submission, the cover image (the first image you upload) will be displayed on the website Winners Gallery and in the Annual LIV Book, so it should be the image that best represents your entry overall.

don’t forget you can also upload a PDF file with any additional project details, 3D drawings, product specifications, business plans, or any other information.

for projects that are not yet in Business is recommended to provide specification, site details…etc.

Evaluation Criteria:

Aesthetics - form, shape, color, texture, finishing, the material used, etc.
Innovation - does the design provide something new to the market or supplement/improve an existing structure?
Practicality / Functionality – ease of cleaning, safety, maintenance…
Ergonomics - How is the interaction with the client? Space optimization?
Durability - the quality and longevity of the design and Architecture
Impact - the benefit delivered to the client and/or society by the Design
Integration - about the integration of the project to its local environment
Ecological compatibility - potential environmental and/or ecological impact
Emotional quotient - in addition to fulfilling its practical purpose, does this Living space create a sense of enjoyment, satisfaction?

Who may enter?

The LIV Hospitality Design Awards competition is open to anyone aged 18+ residing anywhere in the world. Professional entries will be judged against other professionals and student entries against other students.


The “Architectural Design of the Year” and the “Interior Design of the Year” professionals and students will receive the coveted LIV Design Awards Trophy, their winning projects will be showcased to the global audience and be featured in the Annual LIV Awards catalog.

Winning the LIV Design Awards grants prestigious recognition, acknowledging your company's expertise while providing extensive exposure and networking opportunities.

Entry fees:

Professional entry cost CHF 220 incl. (additional entry will receive a 10% discount) and student entry cost CHF 70 (same entry in additional categories at a 50% discount).

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