MILLENNIAL HOUSE UNIT Internationa Architecture Competition

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MILLENNIAL HOUSE UNIT Internationa Architecture Competition

MILLENNIAL HOUSE UNIT Internationa Architecture Competition now is over!

MILLENNIAL HOUSE UNIT Internationa Architecture Competition: AG360, organizing company of Architecture Ideas Contests, is pleased to welcome all architects and architecture students from around the world to the International Architecture Competition “MILLENNIAL HOUSE UNIT”.

Short description

Contests AG360 is pleased to invite all architects and architecture students in the world to participate in its new International Architecture Competition "MILLENNIAL HOUSE UNIT". The Millennial generation has been defined over the years by people who were born in the era of digitization, they are independent young people, who follow their own rules, have high social and ethical values for having an academic preparation that exceeds the classrooms, adopting online courses and social activities that promote greater innovation to them...

They are citizens of the world, being hyper connected, the barriers of cultures and customs are broken. They identify with their work, enjoy it, and are multi-tasking. What should be the ideal space for this constantly changing generation?

It is located on a property next to the Universidad de las Américas de Puebla (UDLA), within the Municipality of San Andrés Cholula, Puebla (Mexico), a city that is characterized by having the most prestigious private universities in the country and at the same time being within a “magical town” on the same site.


A basic housing prototype (MILLENNIAL HOUSE UNIT) will be conceptualized for students of 1 to 3 people with private spaces and shared services. It will function as an independent element and will be part of a set of 10 units. It will be located within a natural urban landscape and must stand out for its geometric and contemporary aesthetics.

The MILLENNIAL HOUSE UNIT, as an independent and joint element, will function as a Student Residence and may be part of a complex that complements services such as entrances, laundry, parking, visitor area, etc.(which will not be projected).

It should be designed as a prefabricated prototype that can be easily built anywhere in the world; and it can function as a pop-up home for other uses thanks to its easy-to-assemble features. All architectural elements must be framed in a sustainable environment.

Note! Registration perid ends 22nd May 2021, but you can submit your work until 5th June 2021.

Who may enter?

The contest is aimed at all qualified architects and architecture students of theworld.


The 1st prize winner will receive $ 3,000 of the cash prize + Exhibition and diffusion in the main architecture sites worldwide + Virtual booklet of the best proposals.

Entry fees:

During the Pre - Registration period (February 22nd until February 28th) entry fee cost US $47. After that period ends the amount of entry fee will increase.

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