Model Young Package Competition 2022

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Model Young Package Competition 2022

Model Young Package Competition 2022 now is over!

Model Young Package Competition 2022: Model Young Package, largest competition of its kind in the world organised by CZECHDESIG, has been recently opened for entries in its 2022 edition, inviting all students and designers of any age to participate.

Short description

Model Young Package 2022, largest competition of its kind in the world, now is calling for entries!

This year theme is ’Food Is…’ and it concerns all about food packaging!

Since its foundation in 1996, the Young Package competition has achieved an international reputation and a distinctive position among competitions for young designers. Last year, hundreds of students and young designers from over 60 countries competed. The Model Young Package competition has two categories. Students of secondary and tertiary professional schools can apply for the High Schools categorycategory Unlimited is for university students and designers of any age.

Food Is…

In our point of view, it is a topic that appeals to everyone. Because food has always been a basic and universal human need. Indeed, food stands for much more than satisfying hunger. Food Is… ritual, art, inspiration. Food Is… pleasure, relaxation, health, joy, passion, love, addiction. Food is part of our everyday lives and the appropriate packaging is able to enhance the experience.

Packaging nowadays no longer just protects an object, but often tells a story that captures people’s interest as well as emotions. It might be a story regarding food quality, origin, or a story about a specific food preparation. Packaging owns the strength to elevate food to a much higher level, packaging entertains, surprises, brings us out of our stereotypes and back to the present. Just like the food itself, packaging must meet strict requirements in terms of quality, eco-friendliness, and utility.
This competition is focused on paper products. Prototypes of packaging made of corrugated and solid cardboard and other paper materials are accepted.

Model Young Package focuses on packaging made of paper, corrugated cardboard, solid cardboard, and litho-laminated packaging. It is not only about a good idea but also about working appropriately with the material: How does the construction work? How do paper and cardboard behave?

The jury, chaired by the leading Czech packaging designer Jan Činčera, will evaluate the real designs.

The results will be announced in September 2022 in Prague followed by an exhibition of the winner designs.

Who may enter?

The Model Young Package Competition is open to participants from all around the world, from the age of 15 years.


A total of EUR 7 300 in cash await the winners. Additionally, the ultimate winner will be rewarded with a great opportunity in the form of a three-week honored internship at an Innovation Centre of Model Group.

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